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can the hospital still sponsor me even if my visa as a visitor already expires,,,i just passed the nclex-ca.what would be my problem regarding my visa expiration..can anyone pls give me a soothing advice???tnx!!!!... Read More

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    As mentioned you really need to speak to a immigration lawyer but also be prepared that the answer could very well be you have to return home and wait in the queue like everyone else. Just wanting to stay is not a good enough reason to be able to stay especially if you are overstay with your visa

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    Quote from aniv
    but the thing is i cant go back anymore,,id rather stay here instead,,,do still have any other options or last resort???can i extend the letter that i received that i passed??in case i still dont have ssn after 3 years???i need an expert advice...pls help me,,i dint know what to do now!!!
    Yes you can go back home, it doesn't matter if you would rather stay here. As stated before you have a long wait for a visa due to retrogression. At the moment there aren't many employers willing to waste money in order to sponsor a new grad nurse when they can just hire one from here who are able and willing to work. Since you're requesting expert advise go speak to an immigration attorney. Good Luck

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