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nursing board wants experience !

  1. 0 Dear Friends,
    I worked as nurse in a foreign country, now i am in US wanted to get licence in US so applied for the licence in one of the clauses i see that i need hospital experience for minimum 6 months, i have about 4 years of experience but not in US is that ok if i present it ? or should i work in US? i US experience is needed then am i allowed to practice nursing with out licence / its like a chicken or egg for me
    Please can some one answer me / guide me. thank you.
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    You need to apply for a license under RN Licensure by Endorsement (for Foreign Nurses)

    Note: Endorsement means nurses who are licensed in another U.S. state or Territory and whish to apply for licensure in Arizona.
    REQUIREMENTS (1 through 4):
    1. Validation of Educational Requirements
    2. Validation of English Language Skills
    3. Validation of Practice
    4. Passed NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN OR State Board Test Pool Examination (SPTPE)
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    To help you better, what state or states are you most interested in to practice? Some now require that you have a SS# to apply.
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    You cannot work as a nurse without a license.Did you work in a hospital in your home country?
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    A lot of states have stopped interim permits or graduate permits and only allow you to work as a nurse once you have passed NCLEX.
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    Yes i did work for 4 years in my country
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    Dear 2ndtakerimmigrant, thank you so much for your information and words they mean a lot to me. i will try California sure.
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    Quote from Russianrn
    Dear 2ndtakerimmigrant, thank you so much for your information and words they mean a lot to me. i will try California sure.
    CA is one state that requires a SS# to apply, if you have one, then you're part ways there. Then your college transcripts needs to pass the CA BON minimum requirements.

    Have you looked at the CA BON website under the license by examination, then look at the sub-title for international applicants for additional information. Good luck!
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    Dear BennyRNCA,
    Thank you for the precious information, i will look into that. I do have SSN with me i need to check the CA BON website.