Live in Caregiver - Philippines to Canada, HELP?

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    hi guys can someone help me with my dilemma?

    i am a registered nurse in the philippines. i graduated last march 2010 and passed the board exam last july 2010.

    i am looking to immigrate to canada and from reading canada's immigration website i am qualified for the federal skilled workers program. i am qualified either to apply under the restaurant and food service managers ( i worked in the industry for 4 years while in nursing school) and under registered nurse (1 year hotel clinic experience).

    i recently met a canadian national who is willing to hire me as a caregiver for his mom in toronto, ontario.

    my question is do i apply as a skilled worker or as a caregiver ? what is my best option ?

    can i apply as a skilled worker and use the lmo as a caregiver ? can i do that ?

    or if i apply as a skilled worker then the only lmo i can use for my application needs to be related to what skill i applied under ?

    please enlighten me guys ... thank you in advance!!!

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    The requirements for live-in-caregiver program are on the citizenship and immigration website, the first step is for the employer to apply for and obtain a positive labour market opinion
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    Do you want to be tied to an employer for a specified period, making a low wage and basically being a housekeeper/nanny?
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    hello, i believe that live-in caregiver is now included as a contractual worker, so even though you finished your contract to your employer or renew it, you'll still be a caregiver, and you can't practice nursing in Canada as per the 7th requirements regarding citizenship.

    In my opinion based from a friend of mine. You go here in Canada as Caregiver and after finishing your contract apply for a skilled worker and then it will start from there.. Goodluck
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    Moved to the International forum

    If you can go the FSW 1 route and meet requirements you could apply for PR now and do not need a employer or LMO for your application. LMO may be hard for them to get as they have to prove that they have advertised the job across Canada and can not fill it locally. Seen posts on another forum of lots of LMOs being refused

    Personally I would say if you have IELTS and meet other requirements for FSW 1 then I would go that route as a RN and wait to be processed. be quick as the route for RNs is filling up with the cap set to 500 for this year
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    Just to add LMO has to be used for the job and will state on it you can only work for that employer
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    I only have a year of experience as a nurse and this does not give me enough points to qualify and apply as FSW as a registered nurse.

    I can apply as a restaurant and food service manager though or apply as a caregiver ...

    What do you suggest ?
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    If you have 12 months experience as a RN then you can apply for Fsw1

    For your application to be eligible for processing, you must:

    include the results of your official language proficiency test, AND
    have a valid offer of arranged employment, OR
    have one year of continuous full-time paid work experience in at least one of the occupations listed here.

    If you meet the above minimum requirements, your application will be processed according to the six selection factors in the skilled worker points grid , which are:

    your education
    your abilities in English and/or French, Canada’s two official languages
    your work experience
    your age
    whether you have arranged employment in Canada, and
    your adaptability.

    You must also show that you have enough money to support yourself and your dependants after you arrive in Canada.

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