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I cant believe what is happening to our nursing jobs. The jobs are on a 'freeze' at the moment. The government is cutting jobs and people are losing their jobs. Why they doing this when their is such... Read More

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    most of it I did myself the last bit i've done with a direct hire agent, they only work for their own hospitals, The pacific Healthcoperation.
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    I've friends who will qualifty in march there not looking yet as september have to get there jobs first. One trust in the area cannot take on the 40 studet qualifty this summer, One has no defict and no problems yet but another is making 800 reducanies not all nurse, but hardly likely to want new staff. I know the hopsital i'm training at does try to find jobs for its students funding a new qual direct and gifting them to a ward.
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    im paediatric trained and left the hospital setting last sept to do the specialist community public health nurse (health visiting) course. im coming to the end and just been told that there is no job for me in my trust or any other trust at the moment due to the job freezes. i have done my nurse training and now this course. I hope things improve as im thinking of doing teacher training. I want to emigrate to Australia but my husband wont leave england...
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    I finish my training next year and have already been told that there are no jobs for me to start in and its the same for most students nurses now, the best bet is to got on the nurse bank and work when needed then once a job comes up on a ward you can then apply its a good way of getting your foot in the door if you know what i mean.... Good luck

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    Quote from uk_nurse
    I cant believe what is happening to our nursing jobs. The jobs are on a 'freeze' at the moment. The government is cutting jobs and people are losing their jobs. Why they doing this when their is such a nurse shortage. Patient care is getting worse, not because of us nurses not doing a good job, because we are all doing an excellent job, but because us nurses are finding it difficult to care for the patients due to shortage. What is the government thinking? :angryfire
    I can only agree. The job I'm in the process of writing a resume for, is a secondment opportunity. Now surely, 'borrowing' nurses from one area to staff another, is not the best way to improve care, morale, and staffing issues? (it's a great opportunity for me, but that's not the point!) How sad.
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    Do any UK nurses out there know what the staffing situation is like in their region, just out of interest, and maybe we can help identify some possible areas for some of the upcoming nurses on here..?

    To start the ball rolling, Dudley and the West Midlands has none I'm afraid - some Trusts, including my own, are freezing jobs, only advertising internally, planning to stop hiring through NHS Professionals and refusing this year's cohort of newly-qualified staff. We're one of the better ones though, with most of the other Trusts nearby making actual redundancies.

    Anyone working anywhere better...?
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    my hospital are recruiting for the renal unit
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    hi did u really get told ther was no jobs?
    we got told there was jobs, but i havent got 1 yet an i qualified in sep 07, ive started getting alot more interviews lately though which has made me a bit happier
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    Welcome, this thread is a couple of years old