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  1. 0 name is dolma and im a registered nurse in india with one yr experience in a medical and surgical ward.i have registered in a college in vancouver to study licensure preparation for international trained nurses.i have written the ielts exam and got an over all of 6.5 with 7 in speaking and writing,6 in reading and 5.5 in according to my marks they say im eligible for registration in alberta and manitoba.can you suggest which one should i apply for?and how difficult is it going to be?
    does anyone also have any idea what are the various ielts scores needed for the registration in different provinces..for an internationally trained nurse.???please help me out in would be really helpful..

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    your question has little to do with the average canadian nurse, many of whom have no idea what ielts is. this post more properly belongs in the interantional forum, as per the notice at the top of the home page for the canadain forum, which says, "posts pertaining to working in canada and/or immigration or licensure questions specific for canada, please post it under the international forum." i will be moving you there.

    applying for registration in a province based on your ielts score isn't a wise choice. you really should consider where you want to live, how much you can afford for day-to-day living costs, how likely you are to be successful in becoming registered and so on. you should have a look at registration requirements posted by each province on their college of nurses' websites, found here: to see what your chances are. both alberta and manitoba have competence assessments that many iens are required to participate in prior to being authorized to apply for registration.

    you will find that british columbia has toughened up its language fluency requirements effective july 1, 2011. the previous standard, which you currently meet, will change to a minimum score of 7.0 overall and for speaking and writing, a minimum of 7.5 for listening and 6.5 for reading. the only testing scores that will be accepted are those from celban and ielts. there can be no combining of scores. i expect that other provinces will follow bc's lead fairly soon.
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    hi..thanks for the news..m pretty nervous..not sure if ill get at dt score..
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    ok..if i register in ontario..will i get a job offer after i pass the crne.i have only 1yr 4months of experience..will i get a jpob offer i ontario??i hear ontario wants nurses with at least 4yr of it true?
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    We can't guarantee you will get a job however the more experience you have the better
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    hi dolma am a Bsc nurse from India with 3 years of experience in pediatrics ward ,i have done IELTS (Over all 6.5,Speaking 7,Listening 7,reading 6.5,and writing 5.5)i want to know that is it possible to register in nurses board of alberta for CRNE with this IELTS score ?
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    Quote from tumdoll
    ok..if i register in ontario..will i get a job offer after i pass the crne.i have only 1yr 4months of experience..will i get a jpob offer i ontario??i hear ontario wants nurses with at least 4yr of it true?
    It's really hard to get a job in Ontario. You will be competing with locally educated new grads and underemployed nurses.
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    Hi Fiona ...Am a nurse from India,,i wolud like to know about the required IELTS score to write CRNE in Alberta....recently i did IELTS and i got ovr all 6.5 and speaking 7,listening 7,reading 6.5 and writing 5.5 ,,,,
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    No, that score isn't high enough, sorry. See this for a detailed breakdown of CARNA's requirements. The short answer is you must have an overall score of at least 7; only the reading score can be as low as 6.5.
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    hello goodday, i am a filipino nurse..would like to ask if i still need to take another academic ielts aside from the general ielts i took for my immigration requirements in order to register for british columbia nursing council in canada? i have visited the cnrbc site and it says there that one has to have academic ielts to register if english is not my primary just confused why ?

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