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pollen has 4 years experience and specializes in MEDICAL-SURGICAL icu.

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  1. pollen

    American Sentinel University

    hello, is american sentinel university program rn to msn equivalent to canadian rn license?
  2. pollen

    Moving from Quebec to Ontario (regarding license issues)

    are you canadian citizen? or you waived your ielts which is an english lagnuage exam like oqlf
  3. pollen


    Not yet registered.you're advice is to register first with cno? Before applying for school?
  4. pollen


    Hi anyone who has tried inscol programs? Any advice if this is a good investment or not? Any other programs for a start up on Toronto?
  5. ok thanks . il give it a try
  6. i already did..but there are only forms and i don t know whether which forms to fill out.. is it advisable to update my status and include them in my application and then pay the fees?? thanks
  7. pollen

    Leaving Quebec to go to Ontario

    hi im also applying for qsw and still waiting for an interview...im curios how jobs in quebec are like? is it really hard to find one? im a nurse and wondering if going to quebec is a good option...
  8. BONJOUR, i received my qsw file number when i was still single and now im married and will be having our first born, i want to inlclude them in my current application. First is.. how can i include them in my application? are there any forms to fill out? second is ... where can i find the forms and where to send them? email?fax? or is there any email address? third is.. any suggestion or alternative solutions for me to do in order for my family to come with me in quebec??? pls can anyone help me with this..thanks in advance
  9. hello goodday, i am a filipino nurse..would like to ask if i still need to take another academic ielts aside from the general ielts i took for my immigration requirements in order to register for british columbia nursing council in canada? i have visited the cnrbc site and it says there that one has to have academic ielts to register if english is not my primary language..im just confused why ?
  10. in order for us to take for the qualifying exams we have to pay for a fee of P400. whether pass or fail, we are obliged to pay if not we cannot take their exam. after the trainings, well just have to wait if we qualify to be a staff nurse in their hospital.
  11. i, so do not want to join! but where else?
  12. I am also hoping for this to happen.but i doubt if they can do something about this..
  13. being a volunteer is the least choice we have for those who doesnt have that luck or opprtunity to be hired in chong hua.We heard a lot of discriminating opinions to a lot of people esp. to those that are already staff nurses, that volunteer nurses are nothing, but we just bear it all and swallow our pride in that way, we can at least gain experiences and tried working in the hospital though we serve for free but i think thats the true meaning of "service".As a volunteer , we /I did applied and tried to submit my application to chh, but they only accept applications that have endorsement letter form one of their doctors or staff nurses. It is really imposible to get hired in a hospital if you do not have special reference. Lucky for those who have , yet very unfair for those who cant get in.
  14. Is it even reasonable for that hospital [let's say perpetual succour hospital, cebu for example] to sell there testing exams (qualifying exam, psychological exam, iq test) in the form of testing fee as much as p400?? I mean it is stated there in the forms clearly in photocopy that it is not allowed to reproduce the test in anyway.if so, it will be illegal for them to recopy it , moreover they let the examiners take the exam only if they pay the fee. To add up to the exploitation of nurses , we were over 150 applicants and the training will be 45 days at a cost of p2000-2500.whether hired or not!!! Really,,, just because we do not have any choice, doesnt mean they can abuse us in these forms. Is that the price of our service? They are the ones benefiting from us, yet we are the ones to pay them!! Dont you think thats too much? The sad thing is , that hospital is run by christian sisters!! One of the many reasons why a lot has been converted to other non-catholic religion , i guess.......
  15. pollen

    NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    Pray this way...by heart!! Prayer to St. Joseph of Cupertino who by your prayers did obtain from GOD the grace to be asked in your exam the only questions you knew, obtain for me a like favor, that i may succeed in NCLEX for which im prepared to take. In return I promise to make your name known and cause it to be invoked. Amen.
  16. pollen

    medical term pls??

    is there a medical term for allergy in ETT?or is there such?tnx