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I'm in Ontario, and I hear from some of the nurses that the hospitals are in a hiring freeze mode right now. I'm very nervous as one of my reason for becoming a nurse is that I've thought that... Read More

  1. by   Heather56
    Vancouver Island Health Authority has 164 registered nurse and psych nurse positions posted this week on it's public postings, that's not counting internal postings. VIHA covers vancouver island and some areas on the mainland.
  2. by   castleberry
    Hi, Loriange:

    Can you please tell me which area still has jobs for RNs? I just got my license, and am actively looking for jobs.

    Thanks a lot.

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    It depends on where you are as well. There are jobs in my area for RNs and RPNs.
  3. by   bscn2013
    Yup, here in Alberta, I can't wait for an election. Although I'm not sure that people will remember everything that happens with this government, the gag orders (non-transparency), closure of beds at ALberta Hospital, triage tent at the Stollery, even creating the AHS, nobody knew it was coming until it happened. But I won't forget, I ordered up my posters from the Friends of Medicare website. I've been telling everyone I know, if you don't like whats happening, write a letter to the newwpaper and make your voice heard! Im a student, so no gag order for me yet!
  4. by   CuriousStudent1108
    Some more good news from Stelmach:

    The government won't raise taxes and the premier isn't ruling out layoffs.

    Stelmach says, however, that a hiring freeze and job losses through attrition will be utilized before any layoffs are considered.
    This looks like it could get interesting. I am continually astonished that this province could go from touting their billions of surplus dollars to hiring freezes and considered layoffs all in the space of a year. Please let Albertans use their bloody heads the next election cycle. There were shortages of teachers/nurses/you-name-it in this province when the gravy train was running, I shudder at the thought of what is coming down the pipe if things don't get back on track.
  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Well, instead of immediately moving to layoffs to achieve their desired 3% across-the-board budget cut, AHS has decided to offer early retirement packages to entice nurses to leave their jobs. 3% translates into 2700 positions.
  6. by   Fiona59
    My first thought is why doesn't AHS simply end of the contract of the IENs? They were brought in to fill a need and according to Duckbrain we don't need all these nurses....
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  7. by   linzz
    I love that...Duckbrain, I am picturing that as a cartoon. The only problem is that what he is doing is not the least bit funny. Hopefully, the people of Alberta will speak out about Duckett.
  8. by   kathlene07
    Nova Scotia. No hiring freeze. We need tons of nurses!
  9. by   fenders
    I was hoping to move my young family to a smaller and quieter city this summer. Not looking good so far. Too expensive here in toronto, rents gone up, license tax, cup tax, breathing tax arrgh. Im hoping it somewhat picks up this year. When are the budgets completed feb/march?
  10. by   linzz
    The post above yours states that Nova Scotia needs nurses. Not sure about the cost of living but it must be less than that of Toronto.
  11. by   Fiona59
    Quote from linzz
    The post above yours states that Nova Scotia needs nurses. Not sure about the cost of living but it must be less than that of Toronto.

    True but that post is nearly six months old. I know of a couple of nurses who moved BACK to NS when their partner lost his job here and found work back home. So how true that statement is now....
  12. by   linzz
    Good point, Fiona59, things really have changed even in the past six months. I do suspect people will try to move around for a while looking for jobs but it will be felt everywhere eventually. I do hope things get better soon.
  13. by   katherine100
    [quote=steven44121;3388289]Not sure where Fiona works but in 25 years that I have worked in hospital nursing ..

    This if off topic but i cannot find anyone I can ask. Since you mentioned you worked in Ontario, I have a question about it. Has technology improved? Do you have Dynamaps to do your vitals? Do you have computers to enter vitals, or assessments,etc. I want to know how nursing technology has changed since I was last in Ontario.