entering RPN vs RN ?????? entering RPN vs RN ?????? | allnurses

entering RPN vs RN ??????

  1. 0 salary differance?<br>
    finding jobs?<br>
    full time / part time work?<br>
    the bridge program?
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    Sorry - I don't know what an "RPN" is. Do you mean LPN?
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    Think member is in Canada. RPN is used in one of the provinces indicating LPN.

    Moving to Canadian forum
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    Is this a question of some kind? Text messaging?

    If you search this forum you'll find all the answers.
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    br? what do you mean?Try posting in complete sentences as per Terms of Service.
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    The < br> are HTML code, but you don't need HTML to post on a forum. All the answers you seek are easily found with the search bar