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Canadian Registered Practical Nurse looking to work in the USA!!

  1. 0 Hey guys, I need some assistance!! I was wondering if there were any canadian rpns successful in writing the NCLEX PN and getting their license in the US!! I want to move in the next year and need some major guidance. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!
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    RPN does not qualify you for a work visa. You need a BSN.
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    Thanks for the reply! Im planning on getting my RN associates degree, do they recognize that? Also would you happen to know if things were easier if I were married to an American? I'm currently dating one and plan on moving there in the future. Any info would help, thanks so much!!
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    Were you going to the US for the Associates? You can only get a BSN up here.That is the minimum for RNs in Canada.
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    I just want to be able to work in the states as a nurse. Whether it be a lpn, rn associates degree or bsn. The quickest and easiest route. I was hoping to study for the lpn to rn associates degree in the states in hopes of being able to work there after. Would that be possible?
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    LPN will not meet NFTA or immigration requirements, ADN may meet NAFTA but not 100% sure. You may have to consider bridging in Canada and then look for employer in the US once meeting state requirements and pass NCLEX. If you do ADN in the US you will be classed as international student and cost will be high
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    If she's married to an American (which appears to be the reason for her move) her work status changes dramatically. Green card???

    If that't the case she should be contacting the state she's moving to licensing body for PNs before asking us.
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    She's not married.I don't think getting married automatically gets you a Green Card does it?
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    People get married for green cards.
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    If they get married she will get a green card but will have to go through either K1 or I think DCF and takes time to get the greencard. K1 means she gets 90 days to get married once in the US and then can apply for change of status or DCF means they get married then apply for greencard either way looking at 6-12 months approx processing times. K1 you have to be in the US where as DCF means can get married outside the US and then start greencard process
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    If she's not already an LPN or RN then it would be faster and easier to get married, apply for US greencard and then start school. There's lost of hoops to jump through and these days you really have to prove that you're marrying for love and not for a green card. Processing time is probably over 12 months for a marriage greencard.

    As a Canadian LPN she'd apply to the state BON to get her credentials assessed and probably meet state requirements since her education would be equivalent to ADN.

    Aww to be young and in love with an American....been there, done that and I'm back in Canada.
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    Haha aw thank you everyone, you've been quite informative. What a complicated matter it seems to be but it can be done! I do plan on marrying him (for love) lol so I assume the best thing to do is get married beforehand or bridge here in Canada. Hmm decisions, decisions...
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    hey guys, Canada has changed our exams to NCLEX, I will be completing RPN in Canada, but would like to in Florida. I don't know what are the requirements. Any suggestions?