california to illinois reciprocity for foreign graduates

  1. i have a california license and would like to try my luck in i able to apply for reciprocity even im a foreign graduate and dont have a local license where i graduated which is the philippines???
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    il. application info: registered professional nurse endorsement packet

    educated outside the u.s. or one of its territories
    in order to be considered for licensure, applicants who were educated outside the
    united states or one of its territories must submit the following (read the general
    instructions on page 2 and the general endorsement instructions on page 5
    if you have not yet done so):

    a. application for licensure and/or examination (four page). you need not
    submit this form if you previously applied for a temporary endorsement
    [color=#292526]ct-nur [color=#292526]form (verification of licensing agency/board)--submit verification
    of licensure from the state of original licensure, current state of
    licensure and any jurisdiction in which you have actively practiced within the
    last 5 years.
    [color=#292526]current [color=#292526]registration in another state is required by the illinois
    nursing and advanced practice nursing act. verification of licensure for an
    lpn license held in another jurisdiction within the last 5 years will only be
    required if you were not subsequently licensed in the same jurisdiction as an
    you must direct the licensing agency/board to return the completed form to
    you to be submitted with your application.

    c. request the following proof of education to be prepared for and make
    available to the department:
    1. a credentials evaluation report of your foreign nursing education from
    a department approved credentialing service. one such service is the
    commission on graduates of foreign nursing schools (cgfns) credentials
    evaluation service (ces). the required report is the
    profession & science course-by-course report
    [color=#292526]. the division will
    download the credentials evaluation report from cgfns' web site when
    it becomes available.

    you may contact cgfns credentials evaluation service as follows:
    credentials evaluation service
    3600 market street, suite 400
    philadelphia, pa 19104-2651
    telephone # 215/349-8767

    additionally, the educational records evaluation service (eres) has been
    approved by the division as a nursing educational credentialing agency. the
    required report to request is the nursing evaluation and course by course
    report. the report will be downloaded from eres when available.

    you may contact eres as follows:
    educational records evaluation service, inc.
    601 university avenue, suite 127
    sacramento, ca 95825
    telephone # 916/921-0790
    further, if your first language is not english, you shall be required to submit
    certification of passage of the test of english as a foreign language
    (toefl). the minimum passing score on the paper-based test is 560. the
    minimum passing score on the computer-based test is 220. the minimum
    passing score on the inter-based test is 83.
    toefl scores previously considered as "passing" scores will be accepted
    for a period of two years from the date of passage.

    d. in lieu of the above, the educational requirement may be met by submission
    of proof issuance of the following original certificates from the commission
    on graduates of foreign nursing schools (cgfns):
    [color=#292526]cgfns certificate

    [color=#292526]visascreen program certificate

    e. fee--see page 5, general endorsement instructions
    no info listed regarding need to have active nursing license from home country.
  4. by   ghillbert
    There is no such thing as reciprocity for you, it's called Licensure by Endorsement to Illinois. They do not state that you need a license in your home country.

    As a suggestion, if you do not already have the CES from CGFNS done, I'd use one of the other agencies permitted (CGFNS is slow, disorganized and expensive from my experience!).
  5. by   sarcia914
    I am also an NCLEX passer in the state of California and i would also like to try my luck in Illinois. They are requiring TOEFL but what i have taken is IELTS, does it mean i have to take TOEFL or do they also consider IELTS?
  6. by   ghillbert
    If your nursing program wasn't conducted in English, you need TOEFL according to their website.
  7. by   suzanne4
    If one does not possess a SSN#, then one is not going to hold a license for the state of CA. Only a passing letter and this is not the same as a license since no number has been issued.

    Illinois requires that one complete the CES before they will look at your application. If you do not hold a license number from a state in the US, then you will need to use the License by Examination packet and have CA BRN forward the results of your passing of the NCLEX exam to them.

    If you trained in English 100% in your program, then Illinois will waive the English requirement for you. But the English is still needed for immigration purposes if you need the Visa Screen Certificate.

    The NCLEX exam has reciprocity, this means that the NCLEX exam is valid in all 50 states and US territories. Licenses do not. You will have to meet the requirements for licensure for the new state. And not all programs are accepted in all fifty states for licensure in the US, even with American programs.

    Hope that this helps and best of luck to you.
  8. by   RNchicas
    I called the BRN of IL today, i asked them what am i need to prepare to endorse my nlcex results to them to get a license in IL, the woman i spoke to said that i need to get my license in CALI and have an SSN to endorse my license to them because even BRN of IL needs an SSN to give license to nurses.

    so i think that answers my question that i cannot apply for license in IL if i do not have an SSN.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    You can not endorse without a license what we suggest is apply for licensure by examination and arrange with Ca to forward your results. You still have to meet BON requirements for foreign trained nurse. If Il say they need a SSN to issue a license then they will not give you a license but they will give you a letter stating you meet their requirements and once in the US with a valid work visa and SSN then you can sort out license
  10. by   RNchicas
    oh i see. Thanks, i can consider doing that

    Thanks silverdragon102
  11. by   jb_anne
    Hi,does anyone know the hotline number of Illinois Board of Nusing?
  12. by   jb_anne
    Hi, does anyone know the phone number of Illinois Board of Nursing so I can inquire about my reciprocity from California? Thanks
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from jb_anne
    Hi, does anyone know the phone number of Illinois Board of Nursing so I can inquire about my reciprocity from California? Thanks
    Have you checked the BON website for contact numbers? Otherwise check the BON out for license by exam unless you have a SSN and a license is issued you can't endorse as a license is required for that
  14. by   harrymann
    hi i have license of RN from Vermont state but not practicing in Vermont and i am foreign educated(India).i want to get a license in California.please help.