Best Training for Nurses

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    what is the best training for nurses ?

    A. Basic Skills Training - Lung Center of the Philippines

    B. Basic Skills Training - University of Sto. Tomas

    C. Basic Skills Training - Philippine Heart Center

    D. Basic Skills Training - Philippine General Hospital [ i think this is APCN ]

    .... in terms of time, money you will spend
    .... and also the knowledge and skills you will get

    i really want to know because i have limited resources so i want to spend it with the best training i could get

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    i recommend D. PGH

    it's a 6 months training program, you'll spend 10k. The money spent is worth it because you will encounter various cases and procedures which i haven't handled much during my college days. you will definitely learned a lot after 6 month training.
    you'll be rotated in different areas 3 months on wards and 3 months on special area of your choice. Good luck! choose wisely!=)
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    the one that is for free. =)
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    I also vote for PGH
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    PGH! ^_^
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    good day! I'll be starting my training this feb. 14 for the 30th APCN. can you please give me some tips regarding the said training? thanks a lot!
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    Uhm..i think there's a thread in this forum that discusses that matter..just try to look around.
    I'm sorry I'm no help, I have no idea about it. Good luck, though^_^
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    APCN... but they do have a different application process if you want to be hired as a staff at PGH
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    Go with your hospital of choice, because that training will help you (somehow) to get in. And the training will help you tremendously to adapt to the workplace of where you plan to work in.

    But if u just want to train for the sake of training. I guess PGH coz it's 6 months. I don't think heart center has a basic skills training program. Correct me if I am wrong.
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    yes as far as I remember, there's no Basic Skill Training in Philippine Heart Center..

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