I was wondering if anybody has signed up with AVANT HEALTHCARE PROFFESIONALS, a USA based agency for NURSES and PTs, which currently sponsors NCLEX-passers. Any updates with your application? I... Read More

  1. by   dee_sg29
    Quote from Randemure
    Hello there carell, I am from PH too but I am currently working in KSA, you are getting near to your exams...Goodluck and Godbless, I am still on phase 1 of the Avants review course and it was really helpful and very much challenging. I hope I could pass the exam too..btw, do you know where you will take your nclex exam? Is it also in Manila since we have a testing center there..?
    Did they tell you when is your exam month? Mine is may 2018
  2. by   periscalsis
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    Hi there @beeone, it's basically about the resume you sent them, your work experience, a background of the facility and area that you are currently working, your skills and how often do you perform it, common cases you encounter and common medications you give. I don't know if applicants have the option to choose a state, I still haven't asked about that yet.
    Hi. I just want to ask, how many days after the interview will Avant contact you to tell If you pass tulhe interview? Thanks! 😊✌️