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Joanna started a thread in the regular forum, but I'm more interested in how we are handling it, here. I work acute care. I'm a part-timer by choice. I have been obliging my manager by picking up extra shifts both at... Read More

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    Quote from Fiona59
    As far as I know, they can only make you stay if there is no one to replace you and the patient/staff ratio becomes unsafe.

    Depending on which contract you work under, extra shifts are required to be offered to part timers and then they are offered to the casuals. Talking about straight time shifts here. If there is no one available, then they are required to offer OT to the full time staff, part timers who are eligible for OT.

    Which branch of AHS do you work for, not a location but a region, because different contracts have different clauses.

    Last I recall, Ajaxgirl, works in Ontario and would have very limited knowledge of the contracts governing AHS employees.
    Where did anyone say I have knowledge of AHS. I do know that you are not required to pick up shifts but you CHOOSE to, then you gripe about it. It's not like you work for free, you are getting paid. Work what you WANT aside from your regular line. It's something you are choosing when you work more. Don't begrudge the casuals.

    Reading and understanding are part of the job? What did you mean by that? That was rude. Maybe working so much is having a negative impact on you. LOL
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    Enough with the mudslinging. I'm closing this thread for a cool-down.
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