scared out of my mind

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    I currently doprn workat localmd' office. I do not draw blood but one of the other lpn does.she carries her blood drawing equipment in a big metal container, she always places this container on the trash can in the exam rooms. while to day i was in a room checking a patient in and the container fell over. I was sitting next to the trash can and i know for a fact that the metal handle hit arm but when i look down there was the sharps container was stairing mein face. i did not think that i was stuck by one of the needles.i went into the bathroom and did not see any puncture mark on my arm, so i went on through the day. once i gothome i notice that my arm was hurting really bad i stiil don't see any bursingor puncture stites but i am scared out of my mind what do you think i should do. i there is anybody up please reply.

    thank going out of my mind

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    If even the slightest possibility you were stuck, first thing in the am, explain what happened. It is probably nothing, try not to worry. but just to be on the safe side, fill out proper forms and get tests necessary. until then try to be calm. let us know how it goes
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    Yes. Get tested right away. You never know what you could have picked up. Hope everything goes well.
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    so what did you end up doing?
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    No response, whatever it was, it must have been FATAL!!!
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    Man, this freaked me out. OP tested positive for HIV. (Read it in another thread) That's pretty scary!
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    I'm not so sure the OP is on the up and up. would seem she would have been stuck hard enough to cause some bleeding, since her arm eventually hurt real bad, yet she couldn't even find a puncture wound?? She went into the bathroom to check for a puncture wound? Would you not go to your co-workers immediately for help looking for a puncture and report it? If the puncture didn't cause any bleeding then it would be highly unlikely to cause the transmission of HIV. Secondly...she gets scared out of her mind in Dec 06 and her results didn't come back for 6 weeks?
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    You know what I agree with you. After reading further I became a little skeptical.
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    Quote from AnxiousStudent
    You know what I agree with you. After reading further I became a little skeptical.
    Just too many things don't add up. Who keeps their blood draw equipment in a big metal container? Who keeps it on a garbage can? Portable sharps containers are designed to keep the needles from falling out so no one will get hurt. I'm truly sorry for anyone whose HIV test comes back positive for whatever reason.
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    ... the reason that I took a HIV test six week later was because I was working in a nursing home and got stuck by a recaped needle. You all would know this if you would have read the least entry that I posted, But because you are so close minded and quite to type cast people, you don't have the siltiest clue of what going on. Further more how dare ypurely with such hateful thing to say. Regardless of what you people think about me and the situation that i have been in. this is very much real that my HIV screen was positive and as if i don;t have enough to deal with I get to log on to the computer to read such hateful thing.
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