ISU LPN to BSN ..RN Graduate in Washington State.. letter of guidance to such students - page 2

Hello! I am a recent graduate of an online LPN-BSN program, have successfully passed my NCLEX and am registered now in two states. The program I attended was Indiana State University and it took... Read More

  1. by   alex25
    Hi there! I'm an LPN in vancouver, washington and I'm in the process of getting all my prerequisites finished for the ISU program. I'm hoping to apply by this next deadline, october 1st. I would LOVE to ask you a few questions if possible, I'm not sure how the website works in terms of sending you private messages or whatnot. Let me know the best way to contact you!
  2. by   JamieTex
    I have many questions for the LVN-BSN graduate. I was woundering if I am able to CLEP or test out of my preqs. I am currently an LVN in Tx and really would like to know where to start for the cheapest route. Can you email me or comment some info? TY
  3. by   JamieTex
    i am an LVN in TX and I would really like info on the smartest way to get my preqs done dor ISU LVN-BSN. Can I CLEP through all of them? Or test out? Do you know which preqs are required? Please comment or email me at Thank you!
  4. by   mitczak
    Required pre-requisites are listed in the document at
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from JamieTex
    i am an LVN in TX and I would really like info on the smartest way to get my preqs done dor ISU LVN-BSN. Can I CLEP through all of them? Or test out? Do you know which preqs are required? Please comment or email me at Thank you!
    Why not contact the school directly to get the most accurate information regarding required pre-requisites, admission criteria, and what alternative credit earning methods are accepted such as CLEP exams?
  6. by   Mzbsugga87
    Hi ! I am in search of some guidance maybe you can help me, I am currently in the excelsior program but Im considering transferring to ISU if its possible. Can I email you or can you message me. Im new on here not sure how it works. Thank you so much !
  7. by   cleealto
    Hi! Yes you can email me. I accepted your friend request so I should be able to recieve private messages from you now. I would be happy to offer guidance. But the best reccomendation I can give is to FIRST apply into ISU. The applicaiton fee is small. Have all your credits from previous college expierence transfered over so that they can be reviewed by the admissions dept. to see what they will accept. Once you are accepted into the ISU under general applicaiton you can request to speak with someone from the nursing dept and have credits reviewed to see what you will be able to use. I will say that Excellsior college credits will most likely NOT transfer over to ANY university as it is a CLEP based program and not GPA credit based. I discourage the use of such programs due to these limitations and this is why you will not be able to be endorsed in some states such as CA. During the endorsement process your education is reviewed, and ea state differs on the details of which they want there nurses to have completed. In my case, most my courses were done in my AA and anything that required a lab I completed at a local CC and then transferred those INTO ISU's program so that when I apply to CA, those courses met the lab requirement. That is how you get through the "ISU is not supported in CA" myth-loop whole

    I am wondering how far into Excellsior you are? And how much flexibility you want with your RN license. If you are satisfied to work as an ADN prepared RN and never going onto BSN and/or not applying to any of the states where Excellsior is not accepted (I think there are over 5, CA is one and few other major states) .. then its not a bad program.. :/
  8. by   jclkelley
    As Can you tell us the total cost of the LPN/BSN program (not including preqs)? I read somewhere it was around $23,000, but someone else commented it was over $67k!! I hope that's not right. Please give us an idea. I'm really interested in applying.
  9. by   cleealto
    It most certainly is NOT 67k! I can't remember how much I paid, def under $30k and that is with me taking out a little extra with ea loan to help offset working less. It is a university and everything goes off $/credit hour. So totally depends on what classes you have already completed. To get the most accurate here is a link to thier website: Tuition and Fees | Indiana State University you would be an out-of-state online student.
  10. by   elisse
    Hey! I am from Seattle Washington hoping to do ISU LPN to BSN program. WOuld love to chat with you!
  11. by   Blessings81
    Your absolutely right. God bless you. I'm looking forward to starting the program next year fall. If you don't mind, may I inbox you with any questions ?
  12. by   nurse2b0272
    I'm a current Excelsior student that is also interested in ISU. The only thing that concerns me is the ability to obtain a clinical site. Currently the wait time for the CPNE is 1yr which is not good at all. I had heard previously that you had to use TCN for study materials sonIm glad to hear that is no longer the case because they tend to misrepresent their role to students. Were you able to get endorsed in CA because that is another concern. Did you take actual classes or is it exam based like execlsior? I've had the hardest time staying motivated with Excelsior because I don't have deadlines like I have when I have taken courses online through other colleges.
  13. by   mitczak
    The document at LPN-BSN Track Summary Document | College of Health and Human Services will explain must about the track and the courses.