Scope of Practice / Nurse Practice Act

  1. What/where is the Nurse Practice Act for Indiana? I am an LPN and I am trying to clearly define my role in my current workplace, however I am not able to find it. I am most interested in the scope of the LPN in Indiana.. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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  3. by   elkpark
    Have you checked the IN BON website? Usually, all the rules/regs related to nursing practice are posted somewhere on the state's BON website.
  4. by   sunnysideup09
    Your workplace should have a policy on what an LPN can do. The Nurse practice act is very vague on the roles.

    see page 44.
  5. by   hoosier guy
    i have searched high and low for something spelling out the scope of practice for nurses in indiana. the information i find is very vague. interestingly, the scope of practice for pa’s is clearly defined and spelled out to the letter. i wonder why the law is so ambiguous toward nurses and so clear with pa’s. the only thing that is clear is that apn’s must have a corroboration agreement with physicians and that crna’s must work under the direct supervision of a physician.
  6. by   Whispera
    Hmmm...I just spent a half hour looking. I found lots of statutes that said what would happen if you didn't follow the rules, but didn't state what the rules are!
  7. by   hoosier guy
    for aprn’s i’m guessing the scope of practice would be defined by your collaboration agreement. i have no idea how they determine rns and lpns scope of practice.
  8. by   bstewart40
    LPN and RN scopes of practice are determined by the facility. That's why some LPNs can hang blood and others can't.
  9. by   indynurse317
    If you look in the IAC (Indiana Administrative Code) the scope of nursing for RN's and LPN's are clearly spelled out. I believe the RN practice acts are on page 39 of this code book. The LPN practice acts should be right after that.

    Good Luck!!!!!!
  10. by   BloomNurseRN
    Thanks Indynurse317! I will definitely be checking this out, as I will be a graduating RN next May. :-)
  11. by   dadda11o
    Here is the link for the 2011 edition of Administrative and Indiana code related to nursing. I have read portions of other states' Nurse Practice Acts and in some respects, I agree, there is a feeling of "vagueness". Although I have heard at times that is "good" because if it is not expressly prohibited by law ...