Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants

  1. This is the "Not In" thread, or for anyone that's planning on applying for Spring Semester by the Sept 1st deadline.

    We need love too!

    My Boring Stats:
    A's in prereq's except ANP 2...taking that class now.

    Horribly embarrassing TEAS at 76, still have two more tries. (Which is why I'm taking math and phys sci this summer. lol)

    Hope to get into the Bloomington or Terre Haute programs. (Yay! Greene county gets region pts at both. lol)

    Currently frazzling myself out with 5 online classes

    It's nice to meet you....whoever you are....
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  3. by   csab
    Hi there! I will be applying to Indy campus for Spring '10. I have an A in Eng, Psych, and Aphy 101, and am taking 102 online right now. I would like to be an L&D or PostPartum nurse. I sure do hope the economy turns around a bit by the time we would graduate!

    I'm glad you started this thread because it seemed like everyone applied for fall start, so it will be nice to talk here with those applying in Sept.
  4. by   MistyMiss
    I am hoping to apply to Indy in September A's in pre-reqs so far. Like you, I am doing ANP 102 this summer, crossing my fingers for success. Planning on taking the TEAS as soon as the last class is over this summer, should give me a chance to retake it before I submit my app.

    Nice to meet you BlindMouse. Sounds like you have a plate full, hang in there!
  5. by   IndyIvy
    Sorry to Hijack your thread but I just wanted to say Good Luck to you all and I KNOW You'll get in!

    I'm rooting for you all! You have my support!
  6. by   BlindMouse3
    I am also interested in L&D or Postpartum. That or psych....I think craziness finds a way to flock together...lol
  7. by   csab
    MistyMiss, maybe we will be classmates! Hopefully! You are close to me in age, are you a career changer like me?
  8. by   MistyMiss
    Ty IndyIvy for your support to all of us hopeful newcomers!

    Csab yes, this is a career change for me, something I started twenty years ago that I never finished. I currently am doing some bookkeeping work after losing an office management position in a construction company. I really loved the company and the job, but we just couldn't adjust to the current economy Where are you coming from?

    I am looking forward to seeing you in our yet to be orientation! We are gonna do it!
  9. by   carlosnindy
    Do you ladies mind if a stay at home laid-off dad taking APHY 102 online this summer joins in. I am making a career change ager 15 years in manufacturing and getting a BS in Business Administration. I too will be applying this fall for spring admission. If I get my A in 102 I should be applying with 210 points based on my 1st practice attempt at the TEAS (86.5). I hope to retake the TEAS again in Aug and bring it up a few points by actually studying for it this time.
  10. by   csab
    Welcome Carlos! I think it is great that you are doing this. I'm taking online 102 also, what campus are you taking it out of? Mine is out of Columbus. If you retake the TEAS you will surely get an even higher score, but I bet your current 210 will be sure to get in for Spring.
  11. by   carlosnindy
    I am taking it out of the Gary campus and right now the Endocrine stuff is kicking my back side. I did 101 in 8 weeks online last semester with an A, but this 102 seems harder for some reason.
  12. by   BlindMouse3
    Welcome Carlos! Were you in Dr. *******'s class last semester? I think I remember you. = ) I thought it would be smart to take the 10 week 102 class out of Columbus. Little did I know, the lab quizzes are actually over the LABS instead of practice for the big tests. LOL

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  13. by   mommykelli25
    Hello, I shall join this group! I am retaking 101 right now online (missed the A by maybe 20pts.) I thought it would be easier to retake it while it is fresh in my mind. I am ALSO taking 102 online right now! I know CRAZY, but I am desperate to apply in September!

    I still have to take the TEAS and already have an A in Psych and Eng. I am also done w/all but ANP 102, Chem 101, and Micro. I will be applying in Indy and Columbus. I wish u all luck!

    Carlos- that is a great score. I think I heard 207 was Indy's cutoff this go round.
  14. by   carlosnindy
    I did take Dr. *******'s class. That was quite possibly the hardest class I have ever taken ( till now)
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