IUPUI/IUSON Accelerated BSN, Spring 2012

  1. Anyone else out there apply for the accelerated BSN program at IUPUI for Spring 2012? I applied and currently checking the mail everyday waiting for the 'letter'. I wanted to get this post started for all those who get accepted and discuss GPAs as we get our letters in the mail!
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  3. by   Reese2012
    what school does that stand for?
  4. by   HEATHER_LYN
    Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
    Indiana University School of Nursing (IUSON)
  5. by   EGriffRN
    I am applying to the IPFW school of nursing the deadline isnt until December 1, though. Im so nervous! I want this more than anything.
  6. by   HEATHER_LYN
    The deadline for getting the letter from IUPUI is also early December, but I met someone on these forums that already got their rejection letter last Saturday! So I guess the letters for IUPUI are going out early. I am so nervous everytime I open my mailbox. Does IPFW have the same accelerated program as IUPUI?
  7. by   EGriffRN
    IPFW doesn't have an accelerated program, although I know IUSB does. This is a second degree for me, so I have only had 5 nursing prereqs to work on anyway. I think it kind of makes sense for them to send rejection letters before the deadline if the person doesn't meet the requirements at all-it saves them paperwork later and her extra worry And tension.
  8. by   HEATHER_LYN
    I just got my acceptance letter in the mail!! I am still in shock! Anyone else out there that has received their letter yet??
  9. by   EGriffRN
    Yaaaaay congratulations i know you must be very relieved and excited!!
  10. by   EGriffRN
    Oh yeah, i forgot the
  11. by   Vona86
    Congrats! Hope to see you Fall 2012!!
  12. by   HEATHER_LYN
    Thank you! I'll be here to give you all kinds of advice too!
  13. by   Vona86
    When you got your letter, was it just a regular envelope? or was it big?
  14. by   HEATHER_LYN
    It was a big white envelope with a few packets of information in it.

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