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  1. LittleLiz8235

    Sexual Health Nurse

    I’m a little late to this question but Yes, it exists! I am a family planning/STD nurse for the state. We work in an expanded role-meaning we operate on standing orders so we can dispense birth control, test and treat for STD’s, do Pap smears, pelvic exams, pregnancy test verifications for WIC/Medicaid, and lots and lots of education. I definitely recommend having a good year of med surg experience and time management skills. A typical day for me is seeing around 10-14 patients a day, mixed in with returning phone calls, contacting patients with positive labs and arranging for them to come in for treatment, keeping the clinic clean and the lab in working order, and doing whatever else needs to be done. One thing to be highly aware of in this field are cultural differences-what might not be socially acceptable to me or you is totally normal for someone else. Having multiple kids before the age of 20 is totally normal and acceptable in some circles and you can’t be judgy, you just have to educate as best you can and hope they listen. Drug addiction is another thing that I see often in my clinic. It can be difficult when you have a pregnant 18 year old come in and she’s clearly strung out on meth. Also, we provide abortion education resources to those who need them(state doesn’t do them, we just give information)-so make sure that’s a topic you’re able to have a neutral discussion on. It can be very busy but it is rewarding!
  2. LittleLiz8235

    Public Health as a New Grad?

    If you apply with the state Be prepared to wait for an interview and then to potentially wait some more for a second interview, and then yet more waiting for a job offer and actually starting. State government is Slooooooow. Also, you’ll need solid assessment skills. I work in family planning/STD and often have patients come in with other issues going on. I would recommend paying your dues in a hospital job for a year or two and then moving into PH. My state requires a year of experience for PHRN’s. Good luck to you!
  3. LittleLiz8235

    How in this world do you ever get 1 year experience?

    I live in North Indiana and my hospital would be throwing job offers at you! there are hospitals all over the country that are looking for nurses for all different types of units. I would definitely start looking out of state.
  4. LittleLiz8235

    GA, AL or TX NICU:which would fit me?

    I'm not a NICU nurse (yet! Hopefully soon) but I'm originally from Alabama. I would say look into UAB. There is also a level III NICU in Huntsville, where I'm from. As for a warmer climate, Let's just say that it's hotter than the devil's backside...no worries about that! :) I live in North Indiana now but I would go back in a heartbeat.
  5. LittleLiz8235

    Accepatnce letter to NS with a catch?!

    My nursing program does that, but we get 3 tries every semester. Even if you don't make it in 3 tries, some of the professors will sit down with you and Walk you through the problems and pass you. Find a dosage calculations book and practice practice practice! It will eventually become second nature.
  6. LittleLiz8235

    Is it covered under Obamacare? - Cartoon Contest Winner

    LOL I think Indiana is it's own world. They definitely march to the beat of their own drum, at least in Northern Indiana anyway
  7. LittleLiz8235

    Is it covered under Obamacare? - Cartoon Contest Winner

    There is racism and intolerance everywhere, on both sides of the fence unfortunately. I grew up in Alabama and moved to Indiana 3 years ago. I would say that racism is worse up here than in Alabama, at least worse than the area where I lived! I always tell people that the big difference is that in the South, people will make it absolutely clear that they don't care for you, while up north (at least in hoosier land anyway) they will be nice to you and pretend to be friendly so that people won't think they are racist. There is definitely a north-south divide in this country. I love the south and wish I could move back!! Not a big fan of the attitudes and entitlement issues that seem to rule this state. (I guess that makes me intolerant too!) :)
  8. yes you are going to deal with urine, sh*t, vomit, sputum, GI bleeds, gangrenous feet, and everything else you can think of. you're going to have to pay your dues before you become a NP. besides, if you avoid all those things, how are you going to know that the patient has C. Diff, an upper GI bleed vs. a lower GI bleed, or a UTI? Body fluids (or lack thereof) can tell you an awful lot about what's going on with the patient. yes you can delegate a CNA to do the dirty work but there are plenty who don't know what they should be looking for. Or care.
  9. LittleLiz8235

    New student having troulble with assessment of client

    For my very first checkoff during my first semester, we were supposed to check each others blood pressure with the grad assistant listening on a dual tube stethoscope, and then report what we got. Well, my turn came around and I could not hear a THING! She almost failed me but finally let me go with a B. I was so upset that I cried, and I felt like I would never make it if I couldn't even find a basic BP! Now I'm in my 3rd semester of nursing school and I have to laugh to myself when I think Of it. You will be amazed at how far you've come in such a short amount of time. Things that once seemed hard will become second nature. So no stress :)
  10. LittleLiz8235

    So tired of HHA!

    Being a PCT is just as draining. I work on med surg and typically there are 3 techs for 36 patients. It sounds not so bad, but when you have 12 complete baths, 3 feeds, 6 blood sugars, 8 totally incontinent patients, and people that are on their call lights every 5 minutes, it gets old fast. It's a great experience and helps me tremendously in nursing school, but I am usually dog tired by the time I go home.
  11. LittleLiz8235

    PCAs on med/surg

    I work as a PCT on med/surg at my hospital. Generally, my day consists of bed baths and helping patients ambulate to the bathroom (about 85%), answering call lights, feeding patients who need assistance, getting vital signs, blood sugars, and transporting patients. I also assist the nurses with whatever they might need. Oh yes, and I spend a lot of time answering the phone!
  12. LittleLiz8235

    Did I just made a mistake by declining an interview?

    I would've just taken the interview. You could have always said no later. and yes, your name is probably crossed off The list for that hospital. I think that if I were a recruiter it would leave a bad taste in my mouth because I would see you as inflexible, picky, and unwilling to step out of your comfort zone.
  13. LittleLiz8235

    What are the item(s) you need most for nursing school?

    A storage clipboard! Pretty sure that and good quality shoes (I love my nursemate doves!) were the best investments that I made in nursing school. :) Other than that you need a pen and a big 3 ring binder or two for power point notes and that's about it
  14. LittleLiz8235

    Information overload!

    I live by my Google Calendar and Google Tasks. Plan out your entire semester at the beginning-that way you wont be surprised. Then, make a task list for each day/week/homework session or however you prefer. The biggest thing is to prioritize. If that english paper is due 2 days from now, should you REALLY be spending your time and energy on the textbook questions assignment that is due next week? You can make it through! Just wait until your first day of nursing school-You will look back and laugh (it's either that or cry)
  15. LittleLiz8235

    Schools that you dont need a TEAS to get in

    Most places will require some form of entrance exam. Not to be rude but If you cant perform those basic skills how will you survive as a nurse?