CNA classes and requirments in Indiana

  1. Hello I am from Northwest Indiana and I am currently wanting to take a CNA program. I found one place that offers it. 3 week program for $425.00, $15 for the physical and $60 for the test. Does anyone know of a place that offers it for free? Also, if anyone has taken the State test can you tell me if it is hard and what the requirments are to becoming a CNA?? Thank you all for your response.
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    Most workplaces will offer you the course but may require a certain period of employment with them as a quid pro quo.
  4. by   nykkchic
    where did you find the classes for $425 at? i currently work for the hospital and get tuition reimbursment after the class is done but the cheapest i have seen is $550 upfront. thanks! nikki

    i can tell you, that st. margaret in hammond hires cnas and pays about the highest around.
  5. by   new_mom26
    I took my cna classes 9 years ago and I called around to some nursing homes and I was able to take my class there.. I didn't get paid for the class but, I did get paid during my clinical hours.. After my clinical hours I took the state test and actually went to full time staff and worked there for about a year.. I would try calling some nursing homes.. Its worth a try and if they are not offering them they might be able to tell you who is.. Good Luck!
  6. by   yousoldtheworld
    If you live near the Peru, Kokomo, Wabash area, there are a couple of nursing homes that will give you the classes for free, and you don't have to work for the home unless you desire to. The program I did was 40 hours of classtime and 72 clinical hours.

    There is a retirement community in North Manchester that will actually pay you to take the classes if you intend to work there - I've heard only good things and it seems to be a high quality place.
  7. by   miss arron
    anyone know of some cna classes in fort wayne like the ones mentioned so far? not having much luck googling...
  8. by   kelster40
    I live in Highland, Indiana and I am also looking for a place to take a CNA course. It can be free or a reasonable price.
  9. by   Jasmine777
    If you are still searching for facilities who are offering CNA training then I would suggest looking at I agree with what other members have posted above, most nursing homes will train you for free. You must call around and see which ones have available programs though. Good luck!
  10. by   nascar316
    I had a really hard time finding CNA classes in NWI. I took mine at In Training in Lowell (Lake County). I just finished my first week of clinicals...yeah!! The class was $585 and that includes books and testing fees and you have your choice of where you do your clinicals...Wittenburg in Crown Point or Oak Grove in Demotte. The class was great and our instuctor, Heather, was FANTASTIC!! Hope this helps someone.
  11. by   wifey08
    I've called around all the available LTC and facilites listed on the website above. NONE of them are offering the CNA program due to lack of funding and need. I decided to take it in the Fall 09 term at IVY/Anderson. It cost just under $700 because the CNA program admin said the cost is going up in July 09.
  12. by   adruiz01
    There is a place in Lowell, IN called In Training, Inc. College of Adult education they offer day classes which they have every month and night and weekend classes which I believe are every other month its $585. . .I will be taking a course there soon I actually have an appointment to go in next week to apply and do the pre approval stuff

    The number is 219-696-0444

    I also heard work one will give free classes if you qualify

    there is also this other place called Special Medical education & Training it cost $525 plus another $70 for the exam they do classes at different places in NWI

    The number for that place is 219-227-4972

    Good luck!
  13. by   wifey08
    Lowell is about 2.5 hours away from me so that wont work. I emailed WorkOne to find out if they will pay for the course. I googled the last one and nothing came up, so I'll give them a call tomorrow. Thank you for your reply
  14. by   adruiz01
    Quote from wifey08
    Lowell is about 2.5 hours away from me so that wont work. I emailed WorkOne to find out if they will pay for the course. I googled the last one and nothing came up, so I'll give them a call tomorrow. Thank you for your reply
    Where are you located? Dont have to answer if you dont want, just figured maybe I could help find something or let you know if I came across something bc I am actually still looking at different courses to see if I can find anything cheaper or something I can have done before Sept. 4 since I will be going out of town labor day weekend to visit my family