CNA classes?

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    Does anyone know of anywhere in or near Lafayette, IN or Danville, IL offering CNA classes? I'm starting my pre reqs for nursing this Fall but was wanting to find a cna class this summer. Also, if you take the classes and get certified in one state can you work in another?

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    Have you tried calling any of the nursing homes in Lafayette In? I took my cna classes at a nursing home in crawfordsville In several years ago.. I didn't have to pay for my classes at all and they even paid for my exam too. I did work for them for a while though.. Also, I would try calling some of the local hospitals or even the local college. I know of a place in Indianapolis but, I'm not sure if it is expensive or not but, I could give you the number if you wanted... Just send me a private message and I will give you the info... Good luck
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    There is a place called MED ED Inc. in Michigan City and in Merrillville Indiana.

    The program is three weeks (I think). They do advertise that is is free for some people.
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    Quote from sunnyjohn
    There is a place called MED ED Inc. in Michigan City and in Merrillville Indiana.

    The program is three weeks (I think). They do advertise that is is free for some people.
    Try Ivy Tech Laffeyette - it costs about 600 bucks now - you will have to really nag at them for the info. CNA work pays lousy in Indiana - like minimum wage - and I have heard horror stories about how CNAs here are treated.
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    CNA jobs pay between $8.75 to $13.00 depending on where you work and how much experince you have.. I have been a cna for 7 years now and I didn't make minimum wage.. The last time I worked as a cna was about 8 months ago and I made well over $11 an hour..
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    If there is an Ivy Tech college near you, check into them. Most campuses offer a CNA course.
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    They are offered at Elston Adult Learning & IVY Tech may have a class
    both are in Lafayette. Wesley Manor a Retirement Home in Frankfort also has classes.
    Good Luck
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    I know a place in South Bend that offers the class. It's 700 bucks though. It's a 3 week course. 1 week in the classroom (Monday through Thursday 830-430) and 2 weeks out in clinicals. I'm currently trying to do the same. Depending on where you go you could make good money. I know of Bailey's Agency out of Bloomington where you make 15 during the week on dayshift and works up to 20 an hour on the weekends during 3rd shift. Agencies pay good money, but they can't guarantee any hours but I've heard there's good possible overtime in it, depending on the need. Plus you float to whatever hospital or nursing home needs the help. You can refuse a shift if you want and you can work whenever you want. You make your schedule. I know RN Specialties is the same and it's out of Indianapolis. I know the pay is about the same, but I don't know about the scheduling. I believe there is one in Terre Haute also, but I'm not sure the name of the agency or any other information. Hope this helps.

    I'm making myself warn everyone (I don't think anyone is as dumb as i about it though). St. Augustine promises the class online in 6-8 weeks all at your own pace. It's not real.
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    sounds like you are paid good! i have been a CNA for 16 years and only make $9.50/hr. over worked...underpaid...such is the life of a CNA!
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    try miller's merry manor. it's free completely and all around northwest indiana.

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