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age discrimination

  1. 0 I need a spot that I will fit. I graduated at 51- look about 41, but when i go for the interview i get "the look". They never call back. am i just too old?
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    Where are you applying? Hospital? LTC? I am an LPN at a LTCF and mostly take report from 50+ yr old nurses. The nurse that I work with sometimes is a male, 57 yr old. He has been the best mentor to me. He's done it all. I'm going back to school in January for RN, and I plan to work in the hospital after that. BUT-I consider my LTC experience valuable, and am glad I've worked there. I'm 32, and have been a nurse for two years.
    They should not be discriminating. Did you call them back? They should give you a reason as to why they didn't hire you or send you a letter. Like, "thank you for applying, but we found someone more qualified, with more experience, etc.
    It is your right to know why. If you feel they're discriminating, I would let them know. Then they'll tell you what their deal is. I say you just keep trying-don't get too down on yourself-it also could be that they are not very organized.
    Good luck, Jenny
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    If you are in the Indy area, PM me. I know a few places that are hiring, age is not a factor.
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    If they don't call you back and give you that ' look" then it's their loss! They should be glad that you are applying for the position! I am also an older nurse. I am 47 and getting ready to go to Ivy Tech for the transitional LPN-RN course in the spring.
    If they did that to you, it would make me wonder what their attituides are like there. )
    Good luck in the job hunt.
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    I'm more worried about weight discrimination. I've been told that my weight will cause employers/instructors/patients to think I'm lazy. I'm hoping that nursing school (I start Jan '08) will keep me so busy I'll lose a little weight!
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    Call and ask about the status of your application. Let them know you are really interested in the job. Some nurse recruiters are not that on the ball and are known for not calling back.

    Be assertive and persistent.
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    I haven't had a problem r/t my age.

    Well, not about getting a job, anyway.

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