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hey guys, I've been an RN for about 7 months now in California. I work at Cedars Sinai who pays really well. ive had an idea of moving to Illinois cause I have alot of cousins over there. i just wanna kno (they live around... Read More

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    I work in Chicago and work ICU Registry for $40/hr + differential right now. I think full time base rate at my hospital is $26 or $27 for new grads and around $30 or so for most RNs.

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    MSMITH, if you dont mind me asking, where do you work? I am a new grad living in the city but willing to travel to the burbs to work. It has been very difficult trying to find a nursing job here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    I live in East Central Illinois and my base pay is around $26, I have been an RN for 6 years but just started at this facility a year ago. I have excellent benefits, started out with 5 weeks of paid vacation per year and very nice/nurse pt ratios. Cost of living is very low! Think about it!
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    Well my mom is an RN and she said she is making 36 or so per hour. I know its in the 30s, I will ask her when she gets home but she has been an RN since the late 70's, early 80s. A long time.
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    Quote from bleu_3
    I'm a new grad. My base pay is $26/hr plus shift dif. I live and work in the city.
    Bleu_3 --- where do you work in the city? I'm currently a student at Rush and have been very curious about pay for new grads in chicago hospitals.
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    Southern IL, $18.00/Hr. nights in Med/Surg. Nursing home- $16.00/Hr. Charge nurse, up to 60 patients with 3 CNA's.
    There are numerous posted ads for RN's. In the 60 or so applications that I have submitted, I've only had 2 interviews. Been looking for 6 months.
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    I work at a downtown Chicago teaching hospital making $31/hour base, $5 differential for nites, and another $2/for weekends. This is with over 7 years of experience. Our hospital is one of the lowering paying hospitals, and i was told new grads $25-26/hr to start.
    Our ratio on day shift 1RN to 4-5 patients; nite shift 1RN to 5-6 patients. All rooms are private, each has their own computer for documentation of meds/assessment, and its a beautiful facility.
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    My wife just graduated C.O.D (college of dupage) ASN program she already has a Biology B.S. she was hired right away to St Anthony hospital in the city. $24 base $3.50 night diff. $4 wknd diff.
    She was hired as a new grad to a labor and delivery position and is very happy for it.

    I've posted because I've been cruising this forum looking for this type of info and anted to give back. Thanks all...
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    I work at Resurrection Medical Center.
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    I was just hired (new grad) in the Chicagoland area and my starting pay is $26.50. It's pretty good compared to some hospitals ranging from $24.50 to $27.40

    Good Luck Everyone!

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