LPN Private Schools?

  1. Can someone please tell me all the private LPN schools in the Chicagoland area?

    I don't want to wait a few years on a waiting list.

    • PCCTI
    • American Institute
    • J'Renee Facility
    • Northwestern Institute of Health
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  3. by   RaeMae
    I have heard about Northwestern Institute of Health and Tech, Americare, and PCCTI. I just checked out J'Renee but I have no idea where that is! I've heard not so good things about PCCTI and Americare. I've heard some pretty good things about NWIHT and I've actually been there to speak to an admissions advisor. That was about a couple months ago and it sounded pretty good (program, pass rates, etc.) but my main concern was the money (seems like all these private LPN schools cost the same). But you know, after giving it some thought, I'm either going to go there and spend 10-15k more than if I go to a community college. And really, the soonest I would be able to possibly get into an LPN program at a community college is fall of 2010...I could be almost finished at NWIHT if I start their next batch which is the end of February. So, I am going there next week to get my ducks in a row so I can start. I'm really excited! Have you done any more research? Any plans? Good luck with whatever you do!!!
  4. by   teacher08

    I have two friends presently enrolled at NWIHT and they both like it. The only drawback is the tuition and pre-req's if you do not transfer them in. Both friends have a Bachelor degree and was unable to transfer a few pre-req.'s in therefore mandated to take the exam for the deficient courses OR just pay 650 for the class. Well, one friend took the English exam and FAILED!! Basic English exam, B.S. degree, and a Medical Assistant?!!

    When she inquired about reviewing the answers to her exam, she was told the individual she needed to speak with was out to lunch and to just go ahead and sign up for the deficient course. She was HEATED because the English exam consisted of contractions, nouns, verbs, grammar, and writing. Before taking the exam, she inquired about why the test was not multiple choice and was told because they had an answer key.

    She then asked what happened if her answers conflicted with what THE SCHOOL thought was correct? No answer from the school which is owned and operated by individuals whom are ESL individuals. I say that because there may be a conflict in language (barrier to what is correct or incorrect based on what they believe) in addition to making money. The tuition has increased from 14k to 18K when I last checked.

    Also, NWIHT indicated they are IAI (Illinois Articulation Initiative) however, when I calld IAI the representative told me NO the school was apart of IAI...meaning, you will have to retake a few coursed if you plan on getting your RN. The courses (A&P, etc.) may not be transferrable to a CC. Please double check with IAI because I checked 6 months ago.

    So, my point is....if you want to get thorugh LPN school quickly, it's a good school for that. However, I would take all my pre-req.'s at the CC if NWIHT is not IAI.

    Also, remember private LPN schools are all about money FIRST (not to discredit that they want the best for their students). You can offset the tuition with a WIA grant for 8K which I received and turned down becasue I decided to do either the BSN or MSN route. Favoring the MSN right now. Best wishes.
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  5. by   RescueNinja2013
    Hello Teacher08,

    I'm from Chicago. What IETC location did you apply at for your WIA grant?
    Thank you much =)
  6. by   teacher08
    Daley College in Chicago, IL 75th and Pulaski...best wishes.
  7. by   RescueNinja2013
    Thank you Teacher08, I am a Daley College student. Wow! An $8,000 WIA grant! When I had applied about 4 years ago, it was $5,000 -but I had turned it down and went to college for RN and just applied for FAFSA. I'm glad I did turn it down, because its supposed to be a "once in a lifetime opportunity," so I might just reapply and use the higher amount this time.
  8. by   teacher08

    You are welcome. Best wishes.
  9. by   MissSpectacular
    I graduated from Americare and so did a few of my co-workers. Its not too bad. Northwestern Institute is actually the "mother school" to Americare, as the director of NWIHT is a family member of the director of Americare.

    I would not recommend PCCTI. I have a few co-workers that are CNAs that got duped into classes there.
  10. by   moveforward
    Thanks for the info on PCCTI, I was going to look into that school about a month ago. I decided against it since I had already gotten started with getting preliminary things done with NorthWestern. I am pushing to start with their October class. Glad to here Americare wasn't bad, I had not heard of that school.
  11. by   moveforward
    Correction--Glad to "hear"
  12. by   cantbeagoddess
    Wow, these programs are all amazingly expensive. You have to really careful with these for-profit schools because there's a level of transparency missing when you research them. I've checked out a few of the websites and it's they bury information about tuition, accreditation and pass rates as deeply as they can if the information is even available at all.

    I know that the idea of facing long waiting lists and jumping through tons of hoops for the public programs is distasteful. Just make sure that you're getting exactly what you're expecting out of whichever program that you choose. Make sure the program is accredited, that your credits will transfer in case you want to pursue a higher degree, and get as much feedback as you can from current and former students.

    Personally, I think that the for-profit schools aren't a good idea. It's too easy for them to view you as a big fat check instead of a student. Just remember that anything that seems too good to be true or doesn't sound quite right should be a red flag.

    Good luck.
  13. by   Magelan
    i would recommend cmk healthcare institute

    i've finished my can class there and i'm planning to start with lpn. they are very nice, there are two campuses, and the price for lpn program is $15.000
  14. by   Chris NS
    I was also thinking about LPN and eventually going to RN well before that I have to start and get my CNA so I might be on the last one with 15 grand