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  1. moveforward

    SG 101 What is this all about?

    So the study guide for info literacy offered by Tor is enough to get through the course & take exam at the end through them, without needing a book?
  2. moveforward

    SG 101 What is this all about?

    I like SG 101. I use the materials to study on the go so I don't have to carry books. I still supplement my studying by using text books (med surg & ATI) I used in school before. I love all of the practice questions, with rationale provided. I took health safety exam in December and passed with a B. I'm currently studying for Fundamentals & I see there were some changes in the study guide. When I looked at it, it looks like a few things have been added.
  3. moveforward

    SG 101 What is this all about?

    I'm waiting for approval from Excelsior now to take info literacy through Tor. $490 is way too much for a 1 credit hour class. I'm glad I found out about Tor on here.
  4. moveforward

    Good School for RN Bridge Program....

    Can anyone suggest good schools in ATL for RN Bridge program? Criteria for it etc. I'm looking to relocate to ATL, and will come as an LPN. Also, can anyone advise what jobs are looking like for LPN's? Thanks.
  5. moveforward

    Olive Harvey close Nursing Program

    teacher08, they do seem to be making a lot of changes. Hopefully it will turn out for the better with what they are doing. I have to start off with an LPN program, otherwise I would have to wait until fall of 2011 to start an RN program. But I plan to immediately bridge. I'm thinking about possibly relocating, so I'll have to look into other school's programs as well. Good luck with your studies!!
  6. moveforward

    Daley College Nursing Program

    Current & past students of Daley College--will you please share your experience of this school & their nursing program? Thanks for your help.
  7. moveforward

    CMK Healthcare LPN Program

    Thanks for the info!!!
  8. moveforward

    CNA classes being offered anywhere??

    I did my CNA program in May/June of this year for $600. It is a 5 week program @ Samland Institute by 100th/Western. It include books & gait belt. You have to get your own scrubs & get your medical exam. Lala bee is correct, there is a $200 down payment & pay the rest as you go before the end of the class. It is a nice program, you learn a lot in a fast period of time. I would recommend it, good luck!!
  9. moveforward

    Olive Harvey close Nursing Program

    Teacher08, I am so sorry to hear about everything that you've gone through (everyone else as well). However, I am glad to hear that students were assigned to other schools instead of being left out to start from scratch. I heard the news early on & called to speak with OH nursing dept. I was told that the schools were "consolidating" & right now they were going to close OH & KKC programs. I was also told there was talk of them eventually narrowing the program down to 1 school, which will most likely be Malcolm X. We all know that will be a disaster. I don't know how soon this may take affect, but I just wanted to share what I was told while speaking with OH's nursing dept. I don't understand why they would close the other schools if they are accredited & have proven success rates of students passing. Which is the other reason I hear of them closing the 2 schools; a lot of students not passing the exams. It is an effort on both the instructors & the students, but I say they look at the other schools to see what they are doing that is bringing on the success.
  10. moveforward

    Anyone okay with just being a nurse?

    I to have a degree, but am going into nursing as a career change. I will start with LPN, then go into RN right after. I will rest a bit & work with RN before decided whether or not to go further. I had also thought about going into the teaching aspect of nursing. I am glad to be learning a new field, but school can be draining, lol.
  11. moveforward

    LPN Private Schools?

    Correction--Glad to "hear"
  12. moveforward

    LPN Private Schools?

    Thanks for the info on PCCTI, I was going to look into that school about a month ago. I decided against it since I had already gotten started with getting preliminary things done with NorthWestern. I am pushing to start with their October class. Glad to here Americare wasn't bad, I had not heard of that school.
  13. Has anyone completed the RN completion program @ Wright College? Please provide insight on the experience, including the application process. I know very little about it and want more detailed info. I know you have to have your LPN license first. Do they require you to have worked as an LPN for a certain amount of time before applying to RN program? Some schools want you to work as an LPN for at least 6 months before attempting to bridge over to RN. Thanks for any insight!!
  14. moveforward

    northwestern institute of health

    I am currently working towards getting into this school. I went to the wia meeting but have not been called yet as there is a waiting list. I also was told about the scholarship but will have to wait until next year to apply for it. I love the fact there is no waiting list and the school has a very high success rate of students completing the program & passing the state exam.
  15. You can transfer A&P 1&2, medical term, math, english, psychology & computers if they are within a 5 yr period. If they are not within that period, you can opt to test out of them as long as you've had the class before. If you need to take the class, they offer them at the school (A&P is a part of their actual nursing program). The one thing I like about the school is their classes are for 6 weeks & computer is only 4 weeks. So, you get in & get it done without having to go 16 weeks as with other schools. I hope this helps.