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  1. I am going to be applying for my IL RN licence by endorsement soon and I am a little confused about the process.

    For the forms VE (verification of employment), do employers generally fill these out without giving employees a problem? I sort of feel uncomfortable doing this because I don't really want my current place of employment to know that I am likely going to be applying out of state and leaving.

    For the ED-NUR form, are official transcripts acceptable or do we really need to get this form filled out by our school?

    Any assistance with the process would be appreciated.
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  3. by   abox
    Not allowed to send private messages since i'm not more active on the site. I'm glad you started a thread so i could get back to you.

    For the employment verification i can't help because i'm a new nurse and i have no experience. But for the education forms I'm pretty sure they are required and that a transcript won't do. I live near my school so i was able to go up there and they filled out the forms while i waited. If you live near i would call and see if they will do the same. If not unfortunately you will need to send them the forms and get them back. I would call them and let them know that you sent in the forms so that they can be looking for them and they don't get buried under other paperwork. I don't know how organized you are but if your like me ( a total mess) I would ask if they are willing to sign more than one copy.

    If you have any other questions i will try my best to answer. I know how much of a pain that paperwork is. If you do have any other questions please private message since i get a notice in my yahoo account and i'll message you back here.
  4. by   ambellina
    I also wasn't able to respond via PM (due to post count/interaction so far) and like abox, I'm a new nurse so my current employer had no problem with filling mine out since she knew I was on the job hunt for a nursing position. Like above, I also live near my school and since I had the head of the nursing department as an instructor I was able to get the NUR-ED portion filled out relatively quickly. Personally, I filed for endorsement because I live near the Iowa/Illinois border and there were a couple of positions I was considering that requested applicants to have both or obtain the other within X amount of months. If you live near state borders I don't think employers should/would take much offense; you could be applying for endorsement for reasons such as picking up a prn position..? However, I can't speak for what a NM or HR might wonder if you presented this to them, sorry!! I hope it goes well for you though!! I've finished mine and sent it in so if you have any other questions about the process, I could try to offer what I've learned form it.
  5. by   skylark
    Please just be aware that IL is very slow.
    I just completed by endorsement and it took almost five months.
  6. by   alaris
    From start to finish the process took me about 6 weeks. About 3 weeks to get everything together, although you may be able to get this all done in one week. When I had everything all set I sent it certified mail. I also called a week later to confirm that they received my paperwork. They confirmed that they received it and that they would start processing it in 7-10 days. I recieved a letter in the mail stating it was in process and a ID number that was a reference number if I needed to call and check on status. From the time I sent it, it took 3 weeks to get an endorsement license. I would be happy to answer any questions on this. Follow the packet exactly and you should have no issues.
  7. by   ggestano2002
    Hi there..I am also planning to endorse my Vermont license to Illinois. I am a foreign nurse and just confused regarding the processing. Do I still have to process the CES evaluation from CGFNS?or just pass my visa screen and cgfns certificate copy? Or I will just send the application form of Illinois to my school and licensing department here in my country. There's a lot of fees . How about NURSYS verification, do I still have to pay for it? Hope I can also find answers here. Thanks!
  8. by   TobesRN
    Alaris, where do I find this packet you speak of?
  9. by   2011_RN
  10. by   2011_RN

    You only need to fill out the verification of employment for restoration. You don't need it for endorsement.

    Did you get your license yet?
  11. by   so_good124
    has to be from the school transcript wont do .
  12. by   so_good124
    yes very slow
  13. by   pinaynurse99
    Good day!
    I am wondering if someone gave you an advise regarding your concern? I too am a Philippine licensed nurse, took NClex under the State of Vermont and now that my visa is being processed by the NVC, my employers attorney is telling me that they have vacancies in IL. I want to grab this state instead of Michigan which was my original placement. I am at a loss really but need answers asap because my attorney is waiting for my answer. Pls help. thanks
  14. by   LinaICU
    I am a little confused about the background check. On the fingerprint card, do I need to mark to include FBI? Is it correct that the fingerprint card and endorsement application forms are mailed to different places and how much do I need to enclose with the fingerprint card?
    Thank you.

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