How many hours do I have to work to maintain my RN license?

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    I am mostly at home with my kids now and working very infrequently. I would, however, like to keep my Illinois RN license current. Does anyone know how much I have to work?

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    Check with your state Board of Nursing.
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    I hope there isn't a minimum because I haven't been able to find a job. I know some nurses who were doing something else for years and kept their license current. Now that the economy is bad they are going back to work as nurses.
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    I think all you have to do is keep up with your CEU's and pay your license fee every 2 years. At least in California.

    I quit my full-time job (for many reasons) but mostly to stay home with my son. I went back to school - an RN to BSN accelerated program - one night a week. I didn't work for awhile.

    When you are in school - you don't have to earn CEU's . . at least here in CA. So, my schooling qualified me to simply pay my license when it was due and I was fine.

    Still an RN.

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    In Illinois, zero work hours but starting after the 2010 renewal you will need to earn 20 hours of CEU every two years to renew.

    There is also an "inactve status" that I don't know much about, but I'd suggest remaining active & earning those CEUs
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    Where can you get CEUs to maintain IL RN license? Especially for those not living in US?
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    You can do online CEU.

    Try nursing spectrum or Advance for Nursing. They each offer a year free access for one set price.

    Medscape also has free ones but they're only 0.25-.5 hours each
    Or google for nursing conferences of your choice. Many offer CD packages with a bunch of earnable CEU for those who can't attend.

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