City Colleges of Chicago and HESI exit exam - page 11

hello, everyone! good morning. i have a classmate here with me and she would like to make several comments based on her experience with our school and the hesi exam. please, be kind with your... Read More

  1. by   RescueNinja2013
    Hello everyone! I was just accepted into Daley's RN program and will start in Fall 2011. Does this HESI abolishment apply to me as well? My friend will be graduating sometime this month, and she scored below the preferred 850 (she scored 650), and said that she and whoever else failed -are required to take a review course, but are still allowed to sit for NCLEX-RN. So, I think this applies to me as well, but I want some hard proof . I've been dealing with CCC since 2006 and I'm not going to let some HESI take me down. Let me correct myself, my friend will OFFICIALLY graduate in the summer after she takes the new Human Diversity Requirement that was thrown at the RN students out of no where. Gotta love CCC .