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  1. I have decided to pursue my BSN starting next fall. I have applied to numerous colleges and have been turned down by a few. I am afraid I won't get into a local program. I do not want to waste my time in an ADN program when it will take me just as long to get my BSN (as I already have the pre-reqs). My GPA is about 2.9, but I believe the reason I have been turned away is because I withdrew from a developmental Psych class twice (I am re-taking it this spring semester). I am in no way a bad student, and all of you who have taken this class know it is nothing compared to A and P or Chem, I was just struggling financially at the time and had to withdraw because I could not afford the tuition. I feel my GPA is low because I have been working 40 hrs a week since starting school.

    Overall, my question is this... does anyone know what nursing programs (BSN) in the Chicago Area are easy to get into? I do not want to get stuck without somewhere to go next fall.

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  3. by   girly8208
    You could look into St Francis Medical Center College of Nursing in Peoria. It's a couple hrs outside of Chicago, but the cost of living is cheaper. I was turned down by a number of schools in CA and finally decided to apply out of state and I got in here. They accept 90 students each semester opposed to the 30-60 they accepted each semester in CA. I'm not sure how it is in Chicago. You have to have the first two years of prereqs done before you apply though, and the next semester they are accepting applications for is for Spring 2011. Good luck!!
  4. by   prinsessa
    What about Chicago State? I'm pretty sure they have a nursing program. Not sure how hard it is to get into. Good luck!
  5. by   purplerabbit2012
    Have you looked into Chamberlain?? It's kinda expensive but it's pretty easy to get into.
  6. by   OasisRN
    Nursing programs in cali are impacted.
  7. by   NeoNPtoB
    To be honest, I have looked into Chicago State but they require you to take a semester course before even starting the nursing program. That semester you take a class which is intro and in that class you apply for the nursing program. I can not rely on the fact that I will be accepted.

    As far as Chamberlain goes, it is not accredited. I plan on pursuing my graduate and need to be sure I attend an accredited BSN Program.

    I will look into St Francis, but I was looking for something closer to home as I actually live in the heart of the city.

    Thanks to all for responses
  8. by   luvs637
    What do you mean Chamberlain is not accredited? Not accredited by who? How are their students taking the NCLEX then?
  9. by   purplerabbit2012
    I'm not an expert on accreditation but according to the Chamberlain website the BSN program in the Addison campus is accredited by CCNE
  10. by   NeoNPtoB
    I looked on the website and saw that it is accredited. My academic advisor told me it was not. Go figure.
  11. by   melissap67
    chamberlain is not accredited by nln (national league for nurses). it is accredited by aacn under kaplan college because it is a division of kaplan.
    i am not positive but, this is what their website says-
    "chamberlain college of nursing is accredited by the higher learning commission of the north central association one of the six regional agencies that accredit u.s. colleges and universities at the institutional level. the associate and bachelor's degree programs in nursing at the columbus and st. louis campuses are accredited by the national league for nursing accrediting commission (nlnac). the bachelor's degree program in nursing at the addison, columbus, phoenix and st. louis campuses is accredited by the commission on collegiate nursing education (ccne). accreditation provides assurance to the public and to prospective students that standards of quality have been met. "
  12. by   purplerabbit2012
    Do you guys know what this means for Chamberlain students if their school is not accredited?
  13. by   melissap67
    It is accredited under AACN accredidation. Go to AACN and then choose IL. It's listed under Kaplan but it's the same as Chamberlain since Chamberlain is part of Kaplan.
  14. by   futureRNemily
    Chamberlain's Chicago campus is not yet accredited because a school can not be accredited until it has a class. The school will go through the accreditation process in September 2010. From what I understand according to my mom who has her PhD in nursing if a school is not accredited it does NOT mean that it is a bad school or that you will not be able to get your license yet. If it is not accredited you can still take the NCLEX upon graduation and become a nurse. If you plan however to go on to further education such as a masters you will not being able to because other schools will not acknowledge the nursing courses that you took. Luckily for Chamberlain since the curriculum is identical to all the other campus it is almost a given that the school will get accredited. The accreditation will also postdate back to the date the school opened so you do not have to worry about taking nursing classes while it is not yet accredited. Hope this makes sense and helps!

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