What is your Hospice paying for mileage

  1. With the gas prices increasing, what is your Hospice paying for mileage, has anyones gone up? I live in San Antonio and gas is around 3.65-375 and I am getting .50 a mile. There has not been any mention of it going up yet.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    The federal govt reimbursement rate is $0.51/mile.

    I live in central IL - gas is $4.09/gallon. I drive 250-300 miles/week for week.

  4. by   madwife2002
    My company pay 0.51 cents per mile which they increased last year and now is out of date lol
  5. by   tewdles
    We get the current Fed reimbursement rate...never enough, but better than a sharp stick in the eye.
  6. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    We only get 0.41 cents/mile. :-( However, management does pass out Exxon gas cards ($25. to $50.) to those of us "on the road". I only drive about 75 miles/week because I only see LTC pts.
  7. by   Aviationurse
    I do homehealth and our gas prices are almost 5 dollars a gallon...the hh agencies wont pay for gas just 50 dollars to visit a patient using fllat rate......55 to open a case and drive 21 miles one wayin a very bad gangshooting neigborhood...plus we have to pay for 2 dollar parking with paperwork up to the ceiling at my own pocket.....on top of that use our own phone with no reimbursment...
  8. by   TinkerBelle_81
    I got 2 jobs as a hospice RN
    For my full time job i only get paid 50 cents per mile
    For my part time job i get paid per diem - only $40 per patient i see.
    This is awful. They should really increase our rate if not, i will be looking into other areas of nursing where i don't have to drive and not get paid enough!
  9. by   kjp1962
    I work only hospice admissions only in southern Cal. Currently gas is about 4.20 a gallon. We are getting a 4 cent increase after we complained so the new mileage reimbursement is now at .47/mile. Not even the federal rate. The entire topic gets me so irritated. If I drive 30 miles away, they tell me I can only claim mileage starting from "the office and back". I live 20 miles from the office. So, I get reimbursed a total of 20 miles (10 miles to and 10 miles from) that 60 mile round trip visit, which translates into 9.40 reimburseable for a trip that costs me 12.60 in my jeep. To buy a newer vehicle to save gas would be not smart as it would take 7 years to make it cost effective according to a program I used online. So, when I heard gas will reach 6.00 a gal this summer, I am thinking of changing jobs because eventually it may be too big a hit to absorb.
  10. by   tewdles
    Yikes...I would guess no hospice is paying adequately to cover the expenses when gas is headed toward $5/gal.

    Can someone in Washington please save us from the greed of corporate oil?
  11. by   curiousauntie
    We had been getting .42/mile until 2 weeks ago when it went up to .45/mile. I live in New Jersey, with lower gas prices (and we Jersey Girls don't pump gas ...really, it is illegal here to pump your own) and today I paid 3.83 to fill up. ($56) Since I work for a national company, even the poor people with the much higher gas prices get the same amount. I had figured last year with gas at about 2.60 a gal and my truck getting 18.5 mpg, that .42/mile was half for the price of gas and half for the wear and tear. I feel bad for the home health aides who make much less money than me and drive more miles a lot of the time.
  12. by   SurrealMoment
    Here the discussion of gas prices must be tied to your mpg, your particular vehicle AND your carbon footprint! We only get $0.51 reimbursed per mile driven yet in one analysis (commutesolutions.org) the actual cost to me is $1.25/mile. I get 32 mpg in a 10 yo car so it is not at bad for me financially as it is for the thousands getting under 25 mpg. How many are able to trade in their low MPG cars for a lower emission/higher mpg or hybrid cars? I still see colleagues buying large SUV's even though they drive as far as I and get 1/4 the mpg! We all can also practice "hyper mileing" , take shortcuts and other strategies to reduce actual miles driven (line up pt locations so as to not backtrack)...
  13. by   curiousauntie
    I would love to have a car that gets 30 mpg, but in the area where I live that would mean that on the days that we get 12 inches of snow, I would never get out of my driveway! After getting stuck for 3 days in my driveway a few years ago, I bought an SUV with 4wd. It has been a savior in the past years. Not only that I can get out to see patients when the roads have not been plowed for the first 5 plus miles of my ride, and most people with low cars can't, the bigger savior has been to my poor, old knees. Both need replacement and getting "up" out of a low car multiple times a day is just too painful!
  14. by   Alvindudley
    just went to 0.51/mile plus tolls parking etc