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I have been a hospice RN for about 3 months now, and am working on improving a few things. One of the main things I want to improve is the way I carry all of my paperwork and equipment. Working out in the field is completely new... Read More

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    I use this same bag (|5673&id=18456) and love it. Highly recommend!
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    Did you look into the Zuca bag? It comes with plastic compartments and is light weight and you can sit on it if you need to. It hold up to 300 lbs! You can remove the outer layer and throw it in the wash if you want. I use it to travel and always get tons of complements on it.

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    check out these great bags at tom bihn (disclaimer: no financial relationship to disclose). they're pricey but the one i got six years ago still looks brand new since it wears like iron. my daughter had a couple of them in various sizes-- backpack, laptop carrier, travel bag... love 'em.
    tom bihn bags - laptop bags, laptop backpacks, laptop cases
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    That Hopkins bag is really nice and the price is right. Just start looking around at luggage and back packs and I am sure you will find something satisfactory.What is more important is that you enjoy your job and find it fufilling..
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    What about the ultimate nursing bag I think it's sold at nursing gear stores. Its a nursing mates product.
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    I have used Hopkins bags with good success- they are designed with the home nurse in mind. We are supposed to keep our bags in a garbage bag while in the home. That creeps me out too. I always wondered if anyone did any actual studies to see if the bags were a source of infection or not. As long as the items are kept separated inside the bag- clean, dirty, etc. and your hands are kept clean during care I have my doubts about the bag making a difference. But who knows? I never believed that bacteria could live outside of a host as long as they have found that they can either. Tough little buggers. We need UV lights to decontaminate between houses.
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    I've been using the Nursemates Ultimate Nursing Bag. Love it. It does not have an area for dirty but we do not remove dirty items from the home. We do have biohazard bags.
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    I appreciate all of the responses so far! Keep em coming! I feel like I am finally getting closer to having a bag that makes things a little easier This is personal research as well as research for the company I am employed with, as they are hoping to find nursing bags that they can provide for us if we can all agree on a type of bag. So far I'm leaning towards suggesting the Hopkins bag since it seems to be so practical and it is not too expensive either.
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    I would also look in the scrapbooking section of a craft store for rolling totes. I have one I used for design school and the main part of the bag was divideable with moveable dividers and it had a paper section at the front with plenty of room for pens and pockets on the side. Michaels and Joanns always have 40% off coupons so you can get one for a reasonable price

    I also have a Zuca bag which was great for nursing school textbooks and carrying iceskates but probably not so good for actual nursing.

    Check also some of the makeup bag sites they have these really neat soft rolling train cases with little slide out drawers.
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    Your agency should provide you with a bag so that you can meet the regulations for them. You should carry a blue pad or similar to set your bag on when you enter the home. My agency provides wheeled bags for field staff who cannot carry a bag without risking injury. Your bag should be emptied and cleaned once a month.

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