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  1. autonomy as a CNM

    I can't yet speak to my practice as a CNM because I'm still a student. However, I CAN tell you that I know many CPMs who, like you said, have had to close their practice, or are even pursuing becoming a CNM instead. I have absolutely nothing against ...
  2. Applying to FNU - Any advice?

    Hello! I applied to FNU in October, was accepted, and just attended Frontier Bound a couple of weeks ago. I had emailed an admissions advisor many times throughout my application process and I received nothing but prompt, helpful replies. I have seve...
  3. New grad-How to learn med dosing when you have tons to give?!

    I second trying to spend some time learning doses for most commonly given meds. It will all come with time, I promise! You will eventually be able to recognize abnormal dosing in your sleep. However, in the mean time, study your common meds and use y...
  4. Can a FNP also become a CNM?

    Thank you! This has been a work in progress for about four years so I understand completely :) Always good to plan ahead and know your options! Good luck to you!
  5. Can a FNP also become a CNM?

    You're welcome! It looks like they allow your Women's Health and Primary Care of Women courses to be transferred in, and the first clinical rotation can be challenged depending on your experience. I'm not certain, but you may be able to transfer your...
  6. Can a FNP also become a CNM?

    Absolutely! Frontier Nursing University offers a Post-Masters Certification program plus optional DNP. Looks like it takes 12-21 months depending on your course load. Here is the link: Post-Master's Certificate (PMC+DNP) | Frontier Nursing University...
  7. New Grad ER Nurse...need advice!

    Here is my two cents. I did not start in ER as a new grad, but I did start in ER as my first acute care position. It was terrifying and exciting all rolled into one. Based on what I've experienced, the staff in ERs are actually wonderful coworkers bu...
  8. Frontier CNM Class 158

    Hi hello_evvie! I did get accepted! Don't give up...I've seen a ton of people off the waitlist get accepted Keep us posted and good luck!
  9. Frontier CNM Class 158

    Any news, Joje? What class did you apply for? Hoping you've received good news!
  10. Why Can Pre-Med Students Know Their Choice But Nursing Students "Can't"?

    It is awesome to have an end-goal in mind and that will help you stay motivated throughout school. However, it is important to be flexible as needed. I learned this the hard way. I went to nursing school with the intention of eventually becoming eith...
  11. Alternative Job Options for New RN?

    Out of hospital positions can certainly be tough to find, but they are out there. Look at positions with insurance companies (workman's comp, telephonic disease management, etc), wound care clinics, dialysis centers, home health, prisons (truly not a...
  12. Midwifery Experience

    I agree that pursuing your doula certification would be beneficial and worthwhile. It is something you can do while still in nursing school and up until the point of becoming a CNM. I wish I would have done it! It'll also be helpful on your CNM progr...
  13. Frontier CNM Class 158

    Hello! Thanks for sharing. I totally understand the delay...I was all set to apply three years ago, and I procrastinated mostly out of self-doubt. I have been working as a chart auditor in my ER for the last year or so after spending the first five ...
  14. Frontier CNM Class 158

    Yay! Congratulations and good luck!
  15. Programs to become a Midwife.. Calling all midwives

    Hi there! Either an MSN or DNP would get you to the same place to take your boards to become a CNM. My understanding is at this point an MSN vs a DNP is similar to ADN vs BSN. There is talk of DNP eventually becoming standard for APRNs, but that is ...