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So I work on a med-surg floor with specilization in oncology and are the floor for our contract hospice patients. I picked up an extra day shift this past weekend and at 1745 I get report from our IMU for a patient who is a DNR,... Read More

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    To give you all an update: the patient died at shift change a day after she was transferred to our floor, I was pleased to learn that the night nurse on the Sat. night shift gave the meds as prescribed. There are so many misconceptions about hospice and even though our floor is the 'go to' floor for contract hospice patients, they are few and far between, b/c as many of you all know, a good percentage of patients/families wait until the last minute or never even enroll in hospice services, so when they come to our floor it's usually b/c they were in ICU and family decided to withdraw care, etc. I would love to pilot a hospice education program on my floor and this would be a perfect example of a common misunderstanding in these types of situations. Needless to say, this sweet lady died a peaceful death so that is all that matters in this instance, however, I would like to put forth more education so more outcomes like this can happen on our floor. Thanks for your advice
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