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Our director asks that each of the RN's, after two years employment, take the hospice certification test. Has anyone taken the test? What is the best way to study for it? And is it valuable? If... Read More

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    I have been an oncology nurse for one year and just recently passed the test. Most of the questions seemed to be oncology-related, and we do so much palliative care on the unit that I was familiar with a lot of the questions/answers from work. I studied the core curriculum book cover to cover and it is essential. A lot of the questions involve things like medicare reimbursement and also some psychological theory that you wouldn't know from the job.
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    I'm a little confused as the whether I can take the exam. It looks like one must have AP status or at least a master's?
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    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    I'm a little confused as the whether I can take the exam. It looks like one must have AP status or at least a master's?

    There are several exams. While there is one for AP nurses, there's also an exam for RN's, LPN's, CNA's, administrators, etc.
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    I'm so glad I found this thread. I'm taking the CHPN exam December 1st. I have the Core Curriculum and Study Guide. I have also printed out information on Medicare as it relates to Hospice. A previous poster stated they worked for the V.A. I do, too. We do not get a lot of exposure to the payment part of Hospice care.

    Any other pointers on the exam will be greatly appreciated. I have fallen in love with Hospice.
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    I took & passed the exam in 2009. I studied in the CHPN review texts for a few months prior...just kind of read through and did practice on my own.By that point I had several years experience in inpatient palliative care. I passed the exam, and found it mostly common sense. There were a few questions I was unsure of. But, for the most part, I felt like my experience and the study guides made it fairly sensible to find the correct answers. Good luck to you!
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    Thanks Kona2!
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    Are you planning to retake the exam? I am studying for it now.
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    I was certified back in the mid-90s. Then I changed specialties and didn't rectify. Now I'm in oncology and recently got my OCN. I'm considering taking the CHPN in March, got the study guides. I took the practice test and got 46/50. Anybody have any suggestions for study (equianalgesic doses, for sure) for what to study and what my chances are? I remember it being a difficult test back when I took it (you were a CRNH if you passed).