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Sorry if there is a thread somewhere on here already about this. I remember the first time one of my patients died on me. I was taking care of her and she got very sick, I was working in Assisted Living at the time so the rules... Read More

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    Great comment! Yes I think it is healthy to let it out, the soul can only take so much built up stuff.

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    Quote from tewdles
    Some of us shed a tear and some of us don't.
    If your eyes fill with tears, know that it is okay...but check yourself and your emotions as it is important not to reverse roles with the family. We cannot let ourselves be perceived as needing comfort from the bereaved.
    Absolutely. We owe it to our patients to be in control of ourselves so they can rely on us when they are thrashing in a sea of strong emotions. I cry at home, or someplace away from the area I'm working in. There are a few patients I still can tear up over as their deaths so affected me.
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    Quote from nerdtonurse?
    I've cried when a patient is going for a nursing home placement to the crappiest place in town, and their only worry is who's going to look after their cat, when I've heard the family saying they're going to "take it to the dump" as soon as "mom's out of the house" and the mental image of that poor cat being thrown out, losing both home and human is breaking my heart (I managed to get them to give me the cat, and took it to the SPCA -- declawed, and they were going to throw it out).
    A death on every shift that I can handle but the above would get me bawling every time. I still cry every time I watch that part in Breakfast at Tiffany's

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    nerdtonurse? made a good point about nurses and grief. In hospice we recognize that the staff experience cummulative grief and try to provide good outlets for them to process the losses and "refill their buckets".

    Ignoring our own bereavement leads to nowhere good!
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