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I am new to hospice with excitement, I will be only visiting hospice patients in facilities. If anyone has any information on what to expect and what to be mindful of. I have been in nursing for over 10 years and hospice has... Read More

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    Try to educate the nurses at the facility as much as you can and empower them to get involved in end of life care. For the most part I have found LTC nurses to be caring and receptive to education, but they are usually stressed and over worked. A few times I have met a nurse who does not understand why you would give morphine for respirations...that is scary, but takes those situations as opportunities for education. Try your best to build a rapport with these nurses, because they can make your job much more difficult if they don't like you. Of course you will never be able to please everyone, but the worst thing you can do is have an attitude that you are better than them. I have been a LTC nurse in the past and felt that some hospice nurses have had that attitude so I try my best not to come off that way.

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    This is a good point, Stella.
    We are not better than LTC or SNF nurses, we just have a different specialty and skill set. Just like they are not comfortable with my job, I would be terribly uncomfortable with (and probably bad at) their jobs.

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