Was I wrong to talk back to my supervisor?

  1. Hello, everyone. I'm a new grad working in home health...
    well not exactly a new grad anymore because it's almost a yr that I've been working for this agency.
    But I still feel like I don't know much about home health and actually want to quit this job...but I have no other choice...sigh

    Anyways, today I discharged a pt...
    Pt asked me if I could ask the office to order 4 boxes of ostomy supply cuz she's been calling the office but they only ordered 2 last time....so she ran out already.
    So when I called, the office staff said she'll look up if they ordered it and asked me the order number.
    So I asked "you don't have it?" and she said "I don't know. Can u ask the pt?"
    Pt gave me the box so I gave the number to her...but she called me again in a few minutes and said "how many boxes? I ordered 2 today."
    I already told her 4 boxes in the first phone call and it was embarrassing to repeat that cuz I was still at the pt's house.

    Anyways I got out of the pt's house and my supervisor called me and said "come to office right now."
    So I asked what is it and she said just come.
    I thought it was kinda rude to just order to me come to office without telling me why...plus they don't even pay me for mileage...
    So I said I need to go somewhere so please tell me why and she said I was disrespectful to accuse office staff that she doesn't have the order number when the pt was next to me....and it makes them look bad.

    I don't know why but I asked her back "you wanted me to come to office to talk about this?" and she seemed to drawn aback cuz she took a while and said I also have some corrections to make on my paperwork...
    So I said that I was already at the office this morning and nobody told me anything about corrections...also I have to drive back and forth to office because somebody always forgets to give me right paper forms and supply...like this morning but I never complained about it....and I asked the office staff about the order number because the poor pt walks wobbly and she probably have been walking back and forth to get that supply box every time she tried to tell them to order 4 boxes for next order.

    Then my supervisor told me next time just tell the pt that I will find out instead of blaming office staff because it's not professional...which i agree
    and next time I come to office they'll just give me bunch of paper forms and supplies so that I don't have to bring a recert form when pt is expecting to be discharged.

    I did say what I wanted to say but now I feel bad about it...and am afraid they're not gonna give me any work now...even though I hate it, it's still the only nursing job I have...;(
    I'm planning to apologize to her next time I go to office...do you think it was too rude to talk to a supervisor like that?
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  3. by   nursynurseRN
    I think that you were right to say what you said. In the other hand, bring new yo nursing and all, and wanting to keep your job. I would just apologize, keep your head down, and be a good worker until you find something better. Sounds like your office is disorganized and don't appreciate you. Trust me there are better jobs out there and you will find a better one. This has happened to me a lot when the office "forgets" and makes me waste my tim; since I need the money I just ignore and work.
  4. by   nursel56
    I think you should go ahead with your plan to apologize, even though I think your supervisor blew the incident far out of proportion to the offense, which as I understand - is that you asked them "don't you have the order number?" within earshot of the patient.

    They over-reacted but -- once the conversation turned into a back and forth about you coming into the office you stepped on her toes. Adding your criticism about not getting the right forms didn't help at that time, even though it's true.

    To me, one of the drawbacks of working away from a central location is that it is harder to develop a rapport with your co-workers such that you can deal with conflicts as they happen (or close to) in real time. Having to return for stuff you need to do for your job is frustrating, but getting a chance at face-to-face conflict resolution can smooth the road going forward, at least smooth enough to last until you can find another job. Best wishes!
  5. by   iluvivt
    I think you need to apologize. Apparently you have NO idea just how difficult it can be to coordinate home care and how hard the office staff works. Part of that is that sometimes you or the patient may not have all that you need 100 percent of the time. You just have to except it and solve the problem in a professional manner. I am not getting why having to repeat yourself is so upsetting to you..if I had to repeat something a few times to help my patient and I am going to do it! it seems to me that part of the problem is your disdain for the job and you seem angry they do not pay you for certain mileage. You still choose to be there and the mileage policy is what it is so if you stay give your best and do it with a kind heart. Maybe the person you were talking to about the order was having a bad day,,maybe they just lost a friend or are struggling to pay bills or they are having problems with their children......you never know. It always pays to be kind and if you make their job easier they will try to make yours easier. I cannot tell you how many times I have called for work (I work PD in home health) and they adjust things so I can get work..that is b/c I take pts in a pinch..I am always kind and helpful..and respond quickly to mandatory tasks.
  6. by   suanniam4
    I think you should expect support from your office regarding correct info and paperwork.
    I also have to call 2-3x for such things as lab results, supplies and no one seems to get it
    right. I am polite, but get your act together. Staff is getting paid d/t the hard work of hh rns
    and the support should be there as in any business office. I'm not asking you to make me coffee
    or call my pts. Just to do your job. Oh and my agency has quit faxing me my pts labs, I have to
    go in and get it using 5 bucks worth of gas.Thanks, bet they wouldn't do that.
  7. by   iluvivt
    Why can't they send you the lab report by encrypted e mail so it it protects PHI.
  8. by   suanniam4
    There still on paper, so no email. I work for another agency on computer and sent 2 emails,and 2 voicemails
    and still no one put a discharge oasis in the computer for me starting last fri, Finally I got another sup to do it
    late yest. Just saying, I have enough to remember...
  9. by   SuesquatchRN
    You were right. However, that doesn't matter. Apologize.