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    Just want to get some feed back from nurses who are using labtops or tablets with HH software to enter the HH visit information in to an Electronic patient record. I'm wonder if it's comprehensive, faster and increased the coord. of care? Does the software add to the accuracy? When you enter the information as a Case Manager is it easier to keep track of frequencies, goals and the problems and interventions. I would be interested in know how others feel about the use of Home Health Care Software. I welcome any comments.
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  2. Poll: Using HH computer software Like or Dislike

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    That's like asking "how long is a piece of string." Not all software programs are created equally and what one does well, another may not. Sorry, I just can't answer your poll question the way it is written.
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    I LOVE it. even the sorriest program is better than paper. im sure others would disagree, but that's my vote.

    as long as the program makes the most recent activity on the record available in real time, then that in itself is what makes it worlds ahead of paper systems.
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    The good part is that you're information is readily available to whomever once you synchronize. No more driving to the office to turn in paperwork or faxing.
    I don't think it's faster though, the software programs I've used have been very tedious. In the past, I was able to get my documentation in faster with a paper system.
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    Having used paper documentation and the most horrible software, I would have to say that I prefer even the worst EMR to paper.
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    We had some pretty slick paper charting 5 years ago. It was a double sided piece of paper and you could whip through it in no time.

    We've long since been using undesirable software that's unfriendly, non-maintainable, poorly thought-out, and slow. The good news is we'll be using some modern software/hardware within a year or two.
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    Thank you for taking the time to give me some feedback. I currently work with HH software and when training a new site there is a ton of excitement or the staff is dreading it. I have found that after a short time the agencies working on the tablet seems to agree that is makes things easier.
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    Kabin, I would love to know the name of the undesirable software, if your willing to share.
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    as far as choosing a particular program, I've noticed that some of the companies go very heavy in advertising, and when a google search is done, there's nothing but positive things being said on the net about their product, whether its by the company or their "supposed" clients. That can be deceiving because a program can get rave reviews, but be riddled with problems and of little or no benefit to the user.
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    I use Axxess, new to it. Some of it is good and some not so good. I do not like their goals and interventions, so I add my own to theirs and delete what is not pertinent for my pt. I used Kinnser in the past and it was much better. I have heard there are better programs out there.I do like using software vs. paper.
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