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Salary for home healthcare nursing

  1. 0 Ok so today I interviewed with a home healthcare agency here in NJ and I got hired as RN and I have my BSN as well. I'm a new grad but I also have another RN job as a psych nurse in a major hospital. The pay for PSA home healthcare agency RNs appearentky is 22/hr for new grads. I just feel this is way to low for a RN here in NJ because in my other job I make almost twice as much. My question is this: how do I bring the salary subject to them? Am I being taken advantage of? I didn't become a RN for the money but I need money to survive and pay the bills. From reading the other posts it seems like LPNs start at 20-25/hr. please give me feedbacks. If you were on my shoes would you take the job? Thank you for all your comments and support
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    I only worked for 2 companies where I was salaried at $25.50/hr in South Louisiana. The problem with this is if you are not in the field 40 hrs a week, you had to come into the office and work make up hours. It was a hassle. I currently work for a company that is pay per visit at $30 per regular visit (includes labs, caths, IV, wound care) and fortunately I am now very prn and semi-retired.
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    Isabelle thank you so much for the responseI have another part time job where I'm making close to $38/hr. so these people were telling me because I'm a new grad they will start me at $22/hr. I know that here in NJ RNs make so much more even as New gradsEven as a new grad I will be working independently on the cases. So I don't really know what to do. Should I or should I not take the job?
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    If PSA stands for Pediatric Services of America, you may want to continue looking. PSA generally does not enjoy a good reputation as an employer.
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    Let them know that wage is unacceptable and counter offer what you might want, say $28/$30/hr and see what they say. If they don't bite, walk. That's what I would do.
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    Thank you so much for all the commentsPaddler I'm going to tell them that I'm not accepting the offer if it's less than $28/hr. I'm a RN with my BSN I'm going to have same nursing responsibilities as one of the nurses with 2 or more experience getting at least 35/hrAnd yes it is PSA home healthcare
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    Quote from caliotter3
    If PSA stands for Pediatric Services of America, you may want to continue looking. PSA generally does not enjoy a good reputation as an employer.

    The majority of PSA's cases are medicaid and it significantly impacts what they pay. I worked for them in a border town, nurses on the north side of the river (in one state) made $5 less an hour than nurses on the south side of the river (in another state). Their payscales are determined at corporate and have very little room for negotiation, about the only time you can get extra money out of them is if you exclusively work private insurance cases.

    I was with PSA for several years, working my way up the food chain into management.
    I learned a lot, I believed in their mission and I left on very good terms, they still give me glowing recommendations when I use them for a reference. They couldn't pay me enough to go back to work for them.
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    Kids thank you very much for your encouraging words. When it comes to nursing of course my patients would come before anything else. I just didn't want to be taken advantage of. I'm a RN and I do have a lot of responsibilities. Nursing is a rewarding career and I'm so glad I became one. NJ is an expensive state to live in. On top of everything I have a lot of student loans I need to pay back and now that I have a job I can't even defer them anymoreBut may be I'll take it to get my nursing skills going for PEDS and hopefully like you I will leave in good terms.I'm a very hard working individual and I can already see myself advancing in my careerI appreciate all of your commentsAnd I wish you all a lovely weekend
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    Quote from NJRN33
    I didn't become a RN for the money
    Even if you did, that's okay, as long as you do a good job.
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    I am with you LaRNIt's just that I don't even know what to do
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    I'm a new grad and just got a job in home health at $28 per visit or per hour for paperwork. Normal in the area for a new grad here is $23-25.
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    I have an interview with a home health care agency in NJ wednesday. $22/hour sounds awfully low. I would say $28-30 as a new grad. I am hoping for $35-38 6 years in.

    Dont get low-balled. NJ is a very expensive state to live in. I live 30 min outside NYC, make $75K/yea (I currently have a salaried position) and live paycheck to paycheck to support me and my daughter.

    $38/hr is pretty good as a new grad, BTW!
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    Thanks for replying I also live in Bergen county area and I've heard from others that $30/hr is acceptable for the state of nj. I am going to wait for her to call me about the orientation info and then I'm going to tell her that the 22/hr I'm not going to accept since I'm an Rn with my BSNI'm glad so many of you understood and supported my concernI appreciate all the encouraging words