Pay per visit rates....what is the usual

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    The big yahoos come from corporate today....changed all the nurses from hourly to pay per visit. Nothing is weight...SOC, routine all the same. 6 visits a day to meet $33 a visit... Should I find the ky?
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    That is low for SOC from what I've seen on this forum.
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    Short answer: you're getting shafted.

    Not all visits take the same amount of effort, anything involving OASIS should count as more than 1 visit point. In my ideal world, here's how it would fall out:

    Reg visit 1 point
    SOC 3 points
    ROC 2.5 points
    Recert 1.5 points
    Discharge 1.5 points
    IV or wound vac 1.5 points

    But who am I? A SOC can take hours to complete, as does a ROC. Recerts and discharges are a slightly abbreviated form of OASIS so don't take as long and hopefully you know the patient and can answer questions quickly. No way would I continue Pay Per Visit without a point system.
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    Yeah.. I inquired about the point system....."we're working on it" immediate thought was Bull.....

    its a job... and I've one foot out the Im getting serious about following what I really want to do..

    Finish my Healing Touch cert training.. and put up my own shingle.
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    Would also say that $33 is low for an RN, more like LPN visit rate. RN visit rate should be no lower than $35 a visit, again, from what I've seen. Most are paid substantially more.
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    Actual rate depends on where you are. Here in NE FL, $33/visit would be pretty good. Lowest I've seen here is about $27-$28, highest at $40 and that was a place that didn't pay mileage and didn't provide supplies.
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    I wondered about this I have an interview in East TN tomorrow with Interim. Thanks! Does anyone know what is normal for East TN?

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    Please see my post on the "fee-basis" exemption on how home health agencies are avoiding paying their home health nurses overtime. It may change your mind about home health nursing entirely.
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    I live in Western NY (Rochester/Finger Lakes area) and I am Salary but Per Diem's get $30-$40 for a regular visit and then it is more for an admission and then if it is on call or a weekend or weekday. It can be about $70-$90. A recert or D/C OASIS visit is the same as a regular visit and there didn't used to be any extra for an ROC but there is now, (I don't know what that is, it just recently changed). We work or do "On Call" about every 3rd weekend and then 1-2 regular nights/month and we do get the Per Diem rate for those visits.
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    Thanks! I am looking at $25.00 quick visit, $40.00 intermediate visit and $50.00 for Cert, Re Cert etc. 0.42 per mile. Not great I know but is a job and I really need one. Coming back after a compartment injury to my leg and being out since 1996. So I am like entry level pay I guess even though I had 10 years as a RN. Different field for me but I have been studying hard to come back so I feel I will be ok. Thanks for all the post everyone.


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