does anyone know if there are any online courses to take to become certified in oasis? thanks in advance... Read More

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    To register for the COS-C exam, google: oasisanswers + cos-c-exam

    The link is posted below, but unsure if it'll show.


    COS-C = Certificate for OASIS Specialist-Clinical

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    What benefit is there to getting this certification? Does it open up job possibilities? If so, for what kind of positions?
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    Where I live more and more agencies are seeking to hire nurses w/this certification because more changes are coming in 2015 and all reimbursement is tied to this..they are also interested in nurses that are coding certified..the problem where I live is no one offers workshops, etc on OASIS and the link above holds conferences out of my state.
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    Thanks for the reply. I had never heard of it until I was recently asked by a recruiter if I had it.
    It sounds to me like the answer to your issue is an online session. With distance learning becoming more common, perhaps it is not too far off, especially if there is a demand and money to be made.
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    Hi all I am looking to obtain UAS training /certification can any one help? I live in new york
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    The site below is not exactly training for the certification exam, it's more just training for using OASIS, but perhaps it is of interest:

    Course Information Page

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