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    Ok guys, I just want to essentially take a survey of what people are making in Home Health.
    Basically to show the regional disparities and to make sure everyone is getting a fair and equal paycheck at the end of the day.
    I don't need specifics such as what company you work for etc...
    Just the barebones
    1. State (city would be nice)
    2. Salary
    3. Benefits
    4. Perks if any

    So to start off:
    1. S. Florida
    2. $25/visit and $30/weekend visit
    3. None
    4. None

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    1. State (city would be nice)
    2. Salary
    3. Benefits
    4. Perks if any

    1. Atlanta, GA
    2. 25$/hour for office. 50$ per nursing visit. When I do supervisory visits, I get 0.50$ per mile for anything that does not connect me to my home.
    3.I have access to health insurance, but rates are terrible. Might as well get my own private insurance. PTO, I think 8hrs earned per pay period. 401k if I wanted to opt in. Again, rates terrible.
    4. Eh, it's a job.
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    Quote from russki1313
    1. State (city would be nice)
    2. Salary
    3. Benefits
    4. Perks if any
    Los Angeles, ca
    Depends on the type of visit. Starts at 55$ for follow up and up to 105$ for initial assessment with oasis.
    No benefits, there are a few sick days per year available but I'm not sure how this would work for a field rn since I get to choose how many patients I can see on a certain day
    No perks, it was promised that ill get some kin d of mileage reimbursement if the patient is far from my home, but so far they are all close by
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    Metro Detroit MI (not in Detroit)
    $50 per routine visit, $85 SOC/ $29.31 per hour
    contingent-no benefits
    Mileage @ 0.48 per mile
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    1. State (city would be nice)

    South Florida, Broward County

    2. Salary

    I'm per diem and get paid per visit. $75 for Start of Care
    $65 for Recerts/Resume of Care/Discharge---all of these mean OASIS
    Regular visits are $40
    $20/hr: Office time for staff meetings, and any required computerized yearly education

    3. Benefits

    None. At my agency, per diem staff do not get paid mileage or benefits--it's strictly a per-visit pay structure

    4. Perks if any

    They provide lunch for us at staff meetings, that's about it.
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    1. State (city would be nice)
    2. Salary
    3. Benefits
    4. Perks if any

    Milwaukee, WI
    $30 skilled visit, $50 admission or resumption
    1 week paid vacation
    no milage, no insurance
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    New York State Medicaid Provider

    $24.72 per hour for private duty nurse (LPN)
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    HOSPICE (worked hh x month, pay so poor, moved on)


    $30\hr with on-call pay usually falling into overtime (only if visits made)
    $2/h on-call to "hold pager"

    NO BENEFITS, but dont want them
    I pay <$300/m for private health insurance for my daughter and me

    Perks.....making a difference, lasting long term relationships with families, being a part of a painless, natural death....
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    until recently i was perdiem:
    1. State (city would be nice)
    San jose, CA - HIGH cost of living, massive urban sprawl makes drive time crazy

    2. Salary
    SOC - $65 generally works out to less than $20/hr, often less than $15
    RV - $60 - RNs generally don't get this nice pay cuz they can just send an LVN

    3. Benefits

    4. Perks if any
    LOL @ 84RN

    I recently got assigned to auditing OASIS and they are offering me $25/hr which I think is insulting, especially since they know i want direct patient care. I think this is b/c I am their only BSN PHN. Also, I found this
    Problems with OASIS Assessments and What It Means - Fazzi Associates
    Which i don't totally understand, but it looks like OASIS auditing is worth WAY more than $25/hr to them - our avg census is 250.
    Dunno if office pay is off topic, but please PM me if you audit OASIS. Thanks!
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    1. Massachusetts/Boston
    2. $40/visit, $70/SOC, $30/hr in office time
    3. I get health insurance at an extremely reasonable rate ($25/pay period), dental insurance, short term disability. Life insurance is paid for entirely by the agency. I get $0.40 mileage reimbursement for any miles not connected to my home. With my mileage reimbursement, I essentially do not pay for benefits.
    4. I basically make my own schedule. I don't work nights and rarely work weekends.
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