Ideal New Hire

  1. Thought I'd share my ideal for a new hire, and see what others look for in a new home health nurse.

    I want someone with at least five years of varied professional experience, prefer med-surg but would also like cardiac tele, long term acute care hospital, or sub acute rehab/SNF.

    I want someone with no previous home health experience so they don't have to unlearn bad habits.

    I want someone who is flexible, can shift gears at a moment's notice, and doesn't get bent out of shape when the plan changes (and the plan almost always changes!).

    I want someone with a heart and limitless compassion who still knows where to draw the boundaries.

    I want someone who has a good idea of what Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists do, as well as when to refer to MSW and understands what home health aides are for.

    I want someone who will ask questions when s/he doesn't know.

    I want someone who is willing to learn and wants to grow.

    I don't want: a braggart, a new grad, God's gift to nursing, rigid, set in their ways, won't do it 'cause they don't understand it, no time management skills, no boundaries.

    I don't want much, do I?
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  3. by   ksreuter
    I think I'm I'm love! Haha. I'm in the process of hiring a new staff RN. These are good guidelines. Do you by chance have any suggestions for good interview questions to get these sometimes elusive traits
  4. by   caliotter3
    When I got to the "no previous hh experience" requirement, all I could think of, was, "Do you fire the nurse when s/he gets a certain amount of experience?" Can't stop laughing at this thought!
  5. by   KateRN1
    If I had a good set of questions, I wouldn't be in the pickle I'm in most days. LOL Seriously, I'm working on a pre-test to gauge how much knowledge a potential candidate has so that we can tailor the orientation process accordingly. I find that a lot of people think they know home care, but really don't.
  6. by   indbletrble
    Kate love your wish list. I have found it amazing the number of applicants who come into the office and seem to have all the right answers to interview questions......yet are the total opposite when hired. Not everyone are good test I only use a test as a guide. Situational questions seem to help in evaluating their assessment and critical thinking skills, and often gives me an idea whether they really know what they are talking about. It forces them to think on their feet. Nothing however is a sure fire proven more times than not I have relied on my 'gut'. It is gut has never proven me wrong!
  7. by   shah
    Sounds a lot like me!
  8. by   berube
    I'd be happy if the new nurse would at least show up on time every day! we have them rolling in anytime the choose even after they have been told 8am! just can't win
  9. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I went on a HH this week and I had to demonstrate some skills such as trach and gtube. The hiring manager stated that nurses lie about their skills so this is now part of the interview process. You can add the to your list too, nurses that don't lie.
  10. by   KateRN1
    Oh yes! Truthfulness--very important! Caught one out in a lie today. So sad. :-(