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From home health nursing to hospital nursing

  1. 3 Hi everyone, I was curious about what everyone's thoughts were about the chances of switching from home health nursing into hospital nursing. I started my current home health/hospice job as a new grad and I plan to stay here for at least one year, so far I have worked here for about 4 months. What are your thoughts about the chances of hospitals hiring when I want to get out of home health? Does 1 year in home health count as 1 year of acute experience that hospitals require nowadays? After one year in home health, am I still eligible to apply for a new grad program or is that even worth it? Can I apply straight for an RN II position? Thank you for your feedback.
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    Thanks for asking this question, Goldentea. I'm a new grad myself and I'm wondering the same. Can I add does working in home health look as good on the nurse resume as any other nursing job? The reason I'm asking is because I've noticed that suggestions for new grad employment often include phrases like 'you can always get a job in home health' or 'if all else fails and you can't get hired at a hospital… try home health' as if home health is the bottom-dweller job of nursing! Hope not.
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    It most certainly is not a bottom dweller position. It requires MUCH skill to perform well in it. Some states actually do not permit new grads into home health because of the acute care skills and critical thinking required to act in the home setting. I don't think it's right that people downplay home health like they do. As more hospitals release patients earlier and earlier, home health nurses must come with their A-game to keep patients home, as all 3 parties win when this happens -- patient (peace of mind), hospital and home health agency (both financially).
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    Thank you, LadyT618. I'm glad to hear this. I'm in NC and I think since I've seen RN HH jobs with 'new grads apply here' I think I'm in the right state. My goal is oncology and I need to start somewhere!!!!! Argh!!!! So frustrated!!
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    Hi Goldentea,

    Interestingly, I'm in the same spot you were in on Feb 12. I've been working at home health as a new grad for a few months now and not looking to leave for at least 1-2 years. I enjoy it but I'm curious about what you're up to now. Have you gone toward a different path in the inpatient setting or are you still with home health?
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    Hi nurseinstinct,

    I am still working in home health. It has been a little bit more than a year since I started working at my current job, and I'm deciding to stay at least 2 years here before I start looking elsewhere...When I first started I was part time, but since February I've been switched to full time with benefits, so kind of hesitant right now to leave...