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  1. Home health nursing to bedside

    Hello @LunaBuna did you end up finding an acute care job after moving to Palo Alto, CA? I'm also considering going into HH and wondering how tough it would be later down the line to transition to acute care. The bay area is a competitive market.
  2. From home health nursing to hospital nursing

    Hello @Goldentea, can you give us an update? I noticed your post from 2014 and wondering if you are now an inpatient RN. Are you in CA by chance? By asking this question, I'm wondering if it's easier in other states to transition from HH RN ...
  3. Hello fellow RNs, I'm a fairly novice nurse with a total of 9 months of inpatient bedside RN experience. I used to be a wide-eyed and bushy tailed new nurse who was eager to become the best bedside RN I could be. Now I've become disillusioned ...
  4. Administrative Leave

    Thank you, I've contacted the union. I was told I won't know more until a meeting is called what the allegations are. Has anyone been on administrative leave? Can you please share more your experience? Is this standard protocol?
  5. Administrative Leave

    I'm a new grad RN in the Kaiser NorCal New Nurse Residency and have been put on administrative leave. I was told there are med issues but was not told the specifics. The med issues occurred while I was in preceptorship. I am not sure what is going...
  6. Outpatient PreOp/PACU to Inpatient Acute Care?

    @SmilingBluEyes I think I'm too new to answer that. We new grads tend to have ideas of what nursing will be only to realize the reality is very different. Also that school was useless. We either change course, or stay in our jobs to support famili...
  7. I've heard of many nurses transitioning from inpatient acute care to outpatient surgeries. Are there any nurses who've done the reverse? And in the bay area? I'm a new grad who recently recently received an offer for an Outpatient PreOp/PACU r...
  8. Am I being realistic? Nursing school at 45?

    Hello! For everyone who posted on this thread, how has it been turning out? Nursing school is one thing. Working as a nurse is a whole different reality and I think a lot tougher than nursing school. What has everyone ended up doing for work and h...
  9. Fired from 1st nursing job

    Thank you for posting @WildflowerFairy. I recently went through a similar experience. I was expected to function as an experienced nurse and take on high-acuity patients as a New Grad Float RN. I eventually quit as I was concerned about pati...
  10. St. Joseph, Orange, CA TIP New Grad Program 2020

    Hello! For those who started in the 2020 residency program at St. Joseph (Orange, CA), how is the program? Also from reading this forum, it seems the process is 1) On-Demand Interview, 2) 30 min video behavioral interview, and 3) a 2nd interview? I...
  11. Stanford New Grad Residency February 2021

    Hi @The Lorax, laid back sounds nice. Round 1 was indeed intense. Is Round 2 alone or was it with another panel of candidates as well?
  12. Stanford New Grad Residency February 2021

    Hi @The Lorax, congratulations! That's really exciting news!! Do you mind sharing your background? Do you have ICU experience?
  13. Stanford New Grad Residency February 2021

    Has any one else that's interviewed for ICU heard back as well over the weekend? I don't remember when they said they would do call-backs by.
  14. Stanford New Grad Residency February 2021

    It's hitting close to evening 1/15. Has anyone heard back yet for Round 2?
  15. New SFSU/CSM ABSN Spring 2019

    I was told by Financial Aid that we won't know how much we will be disbursed in loans until we've registered for classes. I see I've accepted the admissions offer on the "Student Center" page on mysfsu.com. However, don't see that I'm registered for ...