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How does an RN begin to get her feet wet in Holistic Nursing without becoming broke in the process,. I live in a rural area, Always loved Holistic nursing....what is the best way to get accreditations or certifications in this... Read More

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    Thanks Steeleworks for the information. Are there any particular books you would recommend? Also where did you get the information about the water?

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    Before you go crazy, decide where you want to be in your practice. I am building a very broad practice but limiting it to the 4 natural cures.

    Once you have your practice outlined, get the Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis. This you will want to take to bed with you and tuck under your pillow at night when you sleep. When you can't sleep, you will read it to put yourself to sleep. This will provide the basis for any diagnosis and treatments you provide.

    For diet, heart, mental, and weight loss: Your Bodies Many Cries for Water

    For weight loss: Eat Right 4 Your Type (4 Blood Types, 4 Diets)

    For heart: Is Your Cardiologist Killing You and (have yet to read this next yet) The Cholesterol Hoax

    For All of the Above and Weight Loss: Any books on the Raw Food Diet

    Anything on Isometric Exercise. It is the easiest to teach and get patients to start doing some kind of exercise.

    Read up on NLP or Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. Likewise, anything on motivation. You not only need to teach, you need to motivate your patients to follow thru.

    For Blood: Dailey's Notes on Blood (this provides a foundation for anything related to blood) The latest version should have a section on Bloodless Medicine and Surgery. This info will provide clues to how to help patients who have blood related health challenges

    I only use Dr. Google to find scholarly research or to find directions to research. There is a lot of info that has no scientific basis or research to back it up. Even though published research is often biased, it is the best we have to go with.

    Also do some reading on Glutathione (GSH). There is a new book but do not have the title yet. It is by Dr. Jim Guttman. GSH is made by consuming cysteine. Cysteine comes in the forms of NAC or N-Acetylcysteine and Bioactive Whey Protein Isolate.

    NAC and or Bioactive Bonded Whey Protein Isolate forms of cysteine that make glutathione inside us are of the only supplements that are essential rescue treatments for many health problems. Actually, according to Pub Med, cysteine that makes GSH is associated with helping at least 76 different diseases and conditions. These are available outside of MLM companies which makes them more affordable.

    Note: The MLM companies want people to take their products for life. The problem, this causes dependance and if sudden withdraw should happen, it could be disastrous. I have seen two instances where people died from sudden withdrawal from long term use of one MLM product.

    Watch Forks over Knives (it should be free on Hulu currently) I do not agree with everything it says but it is very good. As you work with patients, you will discover two things. Not every diet works with everyone and not everyone can do every diet. You will find some patients that need to have some meat in their diet to prevent their hair from falling out, for instance.

    I do not get into anything other than foods, exercising, deep breathing and the water cure. I only use supplements for rescue purposes. Most foods provide what we need. Sometimes it is the combinations or avoiding certain foods that will bring the desired results.

    Hope this helps.
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    Quote from Steeleworks
    Hope this helps.
    Steelworks....this helped me a great deal! (I'm not the OP) I just passed NCLEX, but I've been a doula, midwife (lay), and a phlebotomist before entering nursing school....I have also been extremely "into" Holistic health. I believe in it before anything else....I will always try a holistic/alternative cure, remedy, etc...before going for a med. I am not "anti" doctor, per say....but I am anti pharma (unless it is REALLY medically necessary, and yes, I have an will take a med if it is truly medically indicated.
    I was so sad when my son's doctor (a family physician, who als practices alternative medicine) closed her practice for primary care...but was thankful to have found a pedi who is more alternative than 99.9% of them.

    I'm rambling, im sorry....thanks again for all the info!
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    A great place to start with using herbs in diet is to look at ayurvedic "kitchen cures." Graduate to Vasant Lad's textbooks if you like a basic book on the topic. That way, you have some dietary tools for supporting constitutional health and working with people that have goals about specific aspects of their health.

    There are some good herbal conferences out there. I try to go to Medicines From The Earth (near Asheville, NC) or Breitenbush (OR). I haven't been to the Southwest Conference but I hear it's amazing. The group that puts on Medicines and the Southwest conference have audios available from That way, you can cherry pick topics of interest or areas where you need more growth.

    For books, consider:
    Herb, Nutrient, and Drug Interactions by Stargrove and Treasure (You'll need a reference. The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database is way too conservative but is more comprehensive. I always trust Stargrove over it.)
    he Mood Cure by Ross
    Healing with Whole Foods by Pitchford
    Medical Herbalism by Hoffman (for reference, not that you'll be practicing as an herbalist)
    Nourishing Traditions by Fallon
    Encyclopedia of Healing foods by Murray
    When the Body Says no by Mate

    The audiocourse from Bergner on insulin resistance is helpful Herbal Education -- Beginning, Advanced, Clinical, Classroom, DistanceYou may want to pick a specific area and do lots of study on that area for a year at a time. There are so many tools out there to learn about. It's better to really delve in deeply to one modality, get to know it for a year or two than it is to try to learn a little about everything and not have deep knowledge about any one thing.

    Good luck!
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    I agree in principle about what you said, " It's better to really delve in deeply to one modality, get to know it for a year or two than it is to try to learn a little about everything and not have deep knowledge about any one thing."

    This is especially true if you look at the 60 or 70 most common diseases and conditions and the thousands of treatment modalities.

    Where I differ is when you are only using a few basic treatments or variants to treat the same 70 diseases or conditions.

    So, just the Water Cures as an example, can basically end diabetes, asthma, solve sleep, help people loose weight, and is a whole lot safer for lack of energy than the 5 hour stuff you can buy, not to mention cheaper. Although there is not a lot of research, it is likely that the water cure will help with the majority of the 70. Woman's Day featured a woman surgeon in California who cured her breast cancer using it.

    Now imagine that even just a few other treatments were used in conjunction with the water cure, adding the other treatments in combination. Now focusing on just the few basics, becoming expert on them, it is possible to take on the 70.


    As a Legal Nurse Consultant I have to warn the future Holistic Nurses that anything that has a cultural designation of being medicine, if you use it, could get you onto a slippery slope. Non-licensed professionals can promote them with no problem. However, if there is an untoward side effect or if someone takes it wrong (can't imagine that happening), what they say to their lawyer could put you in financial ruin. The law is about words and in the end, a lawyer can make them mean many things and a judge can interpret them in a way that nobody in the world ever would.

    Remember, to be safe, everything we do has to be backed up by a nursing diagnosis and care plan.

    I currently have a few patients with various heart conditions that I am having success treating where the doctors were not. Yes, there are nursing diagnosis for all the heart conditions and this allows me to provide nursing care plans that are safer and will provide a better quality of life. Things like ending chest pain in 15 seconds when 2nd nitro did not work. Or getting a BP of 210/110 down to 180/90 in minutes, much faster than we could have got her to the hospital. It continued to drop through the evening. Both with the nursing diagnosis of fluid volume deficit, less than bodies needs and the appropriate cardiac nursing diagnoses. Both were accomplished by having the patient eat a tiny amount of unprocessed sea salt and drink an appropriate amount of water to their body weight.

    Oh yea, it will even bring blood sugars down. A local doc has tried it in the hospital with just normal saline. He then tried it several times. It is much safer and faster than titration of the insulin and lasts longer.

    As to the drug/ herb interactions book, if going that route, it is a must have item.
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    Quote from lumbarpain
    How does an RN begin to get her feet wet in Holistic Nursing without becoming broke in the process,. I live in a rural area, Always loved Holistic nursing....what is the best way to get accreditations or certifications in this and get a job doing so.....sorry so many questions ....just so frustrated with conventional nursing.
    I love your enthusiasm for this area of nursing since it is growing rapidly and is a very powerful way to shift the paradigm of health care today from one of "disease" care to one of "health care."

    One way to "get your feet wet" (especially if you live in a rural area) is to seek out an online (nationally accredited) certificate program in holistic and/or integrative health. This provides you with an overview of the field (since multiple topics are usually addressed) and can also provide you with appropriate contact hours for your ultimate application as a certified holistic nurse. There is a national exam that is required to become nationally certified in this field. Usually, contact hours in the field of holistic or integrative health are required as part of the application process. A certificate is different from being nationally certified. A certificate provides you with additional expertise and knowledge in a particular area and can help you get a job in the field (depending on the requirements of the job). A certification allows you to place "letters" after your name and requires ongoing study and work in the area to maintain. It can also help you get a job.

    There are numerous job options for holistic nurses in the marketplace, including managing employee or consumer wellness programs, being a health coach, obtaining extra training in a particular area and having a "private practice," helping a hospital or health care organization set up holistic therapies or a holistic/integrative health programs, etc.

    I hope this helps! Keep pursuing this passion. You are on the right track!
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    Thank You,

    You provided answers to the most often asked question....How can I create job quitting income from holistic nursing?

    You wrote...
    There are numerous job options for holistic nurses in the marketplace, including... (made into a list)

    managing employee wellness programs
    managing consumer wellness programs
    health coach
    private practice
    helping a hospital set up holistic therapies or a holistic/integrative health programs
    helping organizations set up holistic therapies or a holistic/integrative health programs
    Private practice, probably the most difficult, looks like it will take at least a few years to build up enough business in my area. The other opportunities you mention could be pursued as either an entrepreneur or as an employee. As an entrepreneur, becoming a 'contract' employee wellness manager could allow for building a private practice as well. Everyone has family. And pursuing it as a biz rather than as an employee allows for going after several businesses. I love it.

    I was just thinking today, there is sports medicine, why not sports holistic health care and sports holistic nursing. Same nursing diagnosis, different care plans.

    Also, teaching at local colleges. You do not need an advanced degree. You only need to be an expert or an authority and be able to teach with out boring your class to sleep. The program has to have appeal so that people would want to sign up for it as well. There could be dozens of classes from specifics like mastering sleep hygiene, weight loss for gender or blood type to the general like how to manage health with food. It is called teaching credit free classes. Here is an explanation on how to do it. Teach Credit Free Classes to Start Earning Public Speaking Income

    Is there anything else we can add to the list? Please post.

    Remember, we are not competing with each other for business. We are competing with non-consumption. The more that start holistic nursing, the more people who will want it. I would even welcome 10 other nurses right next door to me to start doing it. It is a whole lot easier to build a buzz than just helping one patient at a time by myself.
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    Quote from lumbarpain
    How does an RN begin to get her feet wet in Holistic Nursing without becoming broke in the process,. I live in a rural area, Always loved Holistic nursing....what is the best way to get accreditations or certifications in this and get a job doing so.....sorry so many questions ....just so frustrated with conventional nursing.
    I recommend you connect with the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) and consider attending The Integrative Healing Arts Program (IHAP) which is one of AHNA's endorsed certificate programs. The IHAP prepares nurses for holistic nursing practice and also prepares nurses for National Board Certification in Holistic Nursing.
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    Find a place and volunteer, all your out is gas and time that you would spend studying. I actually placed an ad in the paper and started my own community wellness group where I "experiment" with these techniques that I read about and apply them to my practice, hey that why they call it practice right? Keep a log of your hours. I highly suggest a relationship with The American Holistic Nurses Association - the voice of holistic nursing. They have a vast library of ceu's and have a home study course that leads to certification.
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    Interesting idea but there is one problem. The nurse practice act in some states will not allow nurses to serve as volunteers in the capacity as a nurse in some instances. Also, will malpractice insurance cover work as volunteers?

    Then the question of how to get paid comes up.

    Also there are those who cannot afford care. I am trying two different models in two different cities. One is pay what it is worth to you and one is a fee for service based structure.

    Both have worked well but the fee based service is gathering even more steam than the "free" one, even though I am making similar incomes from both.

    One of my recent referrals said they did not have insurance and could not afford health care but they could afford me. Theirs was a simple solution for recurring UTI, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in a glass of water, completely dissolved and drink. Do twice a day, AM and before sleep for 3 days. It works in 7 hours but the extra is for, shall we call it, overkill.

    I try to package deals. So to assess a couple is $147 (with out any lab work) vs $87 for a single and I provide what ever solution to what ever problem. Virtually everyone wants to lose weight so the husband created his plan to loose 10-15 lbs and keep it off and the wife how to stop the UTI. The were one of several referrals from just one single patient. I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

    Nobody has ever asked for a refund, including one of the above who a treatment did not work on. He simply wants me to try something else, which, now I am expanding my knowledge base too (practicing). Turns out his body was too acidic as he is in acidosis. Now to try to figure out why which will probably solve many of his other problems that the docs have not been able to for years.

    All in all, this is just way too much fun. If I were a rich man, I would pay to be able to do this.
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