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    Suggestions on RN starting up as a Holistic Nurse,

    I love your enthusiasm for this area of nursing since it is growing rapidly and is a very powerful way to shift the paradigm of health care today from one of "disease" care to one of "health care." One way to "get your feet wet" (especially if you live in a rural area) is to seek out an online (nationally accredited) certificate program in holistic and/or integrative health. This provides you with an overview of the field (since multiple topics are usually addressed) and can also provide you with appropriate contact hours for your ultimate application as a certified holistic nurse. There is a national exam that is required to become nationally certified in this field. Usually, contact hours in the field of holistic or integrative health are required as part of the application process. A certificate is different from being nationally certified. A certificate provides you with additional expertise and knowledge in a particular area and can help you get a job in the field (depending on the requirements of the job). A certification allows you to place "letters" after your name and requires ongoing study and work in the area to maintain. It can also help you get a job. There are numerous job options for holistic nurses in the marketplace, including managing employee or consumer wellness programs, being a health coach, obtaining extra training in a particular area and having a "private practice," helping a hospital or health care organization set up holistic therapies or a holistic/integrative health programs, etc. I hope this helps! Keep pursuing this passion. You are on the right track!