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  1. 0 Hi, I'm going for my bsn and we have a alternative health nursing class in which we are to do a presentation on magnet therapy. Does anyone know where you could get some printable literature or get a hold of some magnets for free etc just for presentation or any other helpful info or studies using magnet therapy. Internet is a good resource but a lot of companies trying to sell their products. any help
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    I have a friend though with a business that uses them. I will email her and get back to you.

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    Thanks will be looking for any info she might have available
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    My friend uses this therapy on herself and on clients. She said this site is good:

    Now mind you this looks like only a horse magnet therapy site but keep looking at it and there is a good explanation as well as human use products. If I get time I will do a websearch.

    Did you do a websearch?

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    The Nikon (I think that is the correct spelling, might be 2 K's) sells magnets for aches and pains. On of the ER docs I worked with swore by them . I was having chronic pain in my right wrist so he put one on top and one on the bottom and wrapped my wrist..believe it or not overnight the pain was gone. That was about a year ago..pain is still gone...
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    Sounds like your a believer. Most people here just laugh. Not open much to non traditional care. I am though.

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    I wear Nikken socks (as does hubby-he swears by them & wants more for x-mas) & use some of their products. I have the magnetic strips for pain mgmt with my hurt knee under my brace. My mom became a Nikken rep to get the discount because she likes the products so well.
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    Here you can find all sorts of reference materials and learn about its effectiness.
    On a personal note my wife with degerative disk problemes with the knee has been using her knee magnets and gets great relief now for over a year. SHe couldnt work in the trauma unit without them. With her they work and work well
    I also work in a Pain Clinic where epidural injection are performed for chronic pain pts.
    They have told me they are effective too.

    for your own research check out
    They have independent research artical refferences available.

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    To WeezieRn
    I am a manufacturer of Magnetic Therapy devices. I sell and provide devices to patients that visit my Clinic. I would like to DISPELL SOME TERRIBLE MISCONCEPTION RE: MAGNETIC DEVICES. I will send along instructions on how to successfully use the devices. Just send a disc with two STRONG Magnetic devices will prove you can put them near and or on computer discs without harming the discs. They also won't harm Videos as some say. They will wipe out a credit card. Send you Email addrss too me to receive more information.
    Bill Koreski CCE

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    I use very, very strong magnets on my painful back. Yhey are called neodyminium magnets. I do find relief with them. They are fairly cheap on eBay.

    Here are a couple of good articles on magnet therapy-
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    I developed bilateral Carpal Tunnel syndrome

    tried a round of steroid injections there, that hurt like hell and didnt help the symptoms

    they wanted to do surgery

    I went to a health Fair, I saw and bought 2 copper and magnet bracelets, had significant reduction in synptoms with in a week.

    12 years later, I still wear them, and no surgery needed
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    I've only ever seen them used on the horses, but they seem to work very well for them.
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    I love them\

    dont try to take my copper and magnets away

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