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It might be easier to discuss what I know about HIPPA. I am a nursing student to begin with. From what I've learned is that sharing patient information with those who are not directly involved with that patient's care is wrong.... Read More

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    Quote from Stephalump
    I think all my drunken table dancing in college was done in school t-shirts or jackets. It was what we did, and the school had no course of action to punish us for sullying their good name.
    I must admit I stole the example of dancing drunk on the table while wearing the school's nursing uniform...this was an example used by my nursing school's director as something that would get you kicked out of the program. We signed a professional behavior agreement at the beginning of school and they can most definitely punish someone who violates it.

    And another thing. I paid for my education. I paid for the "privilege" of taking the NCLEX. I paid for my license. I pay every 2 years to renew my license. Yet the state BON is able to take that license away for otherwise legal behavior they deem to be unprofessional.

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    I'm not trying to kick you when your down, but you just posted this again, but on a public forum, with your first name and your picture visible. Remember that things said on the internet can follow you, I know from personal experience. If I were you, I'd consider deleting your pictures, changing your user name and editing the opening message. Pretty much every nurse reads allnurses, so surely your classmates and possible teachers do too.

    I hope everything works out for you. Everyone makes mistakes, point is we learn from them.
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    Someone has to say it:

    Regardless of HIPAA or any school/facility policy, it's pretty classless, juvenile and immature to post ANYTHING about vaginas and onions on your Facebook. Really? Being gross isn't always being funny. Being gross is just usually being gross. And not funny.

    Grow up.
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    Quote from ms.amy03
    In this world we now share our thoughts and beliefs with the online world, Facebook is something that so many people utilize now to stay in touch with friends and family.
    OP, I'd suggest you reflect on the following:

    1. Every thought in your head does NOT need to come out of your mouth, or your fingers.
    2. It is EXTREMELY unlikely that "friends and family" want to hear your reflections on vaginas. I'd put the probability at about 0.
    3. This incident has nothing to do with Facebook and little to do with HIPAA. It has everything to do with your failure to recognize what are appropriate conversational topics and what are not.
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    Here is the sad part....that patient or patients that you were making a joke of..... is a real human being. That human being,somebody's loved one has entrusted the healthcare workers to HELP them. It is a privilege that must be respected to provide nursing care to another but you made a mockery of that relationship! It shows incredibly poor judgement and makes me question your motives for wanting to enter the profession. Violation or not how would you like it if someone posted something like that about you or someone you love. My instincts have always been to protect the underdog and as such I protect my patients.
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    Quote from ms.amy03
    It might be easier to discuss what I know about HIPPA. I am a nursing student to begin with. From what I've learned is that sharing patient information with those who are not directly involved with that patient's care is wrong. Talking about the patient even when there is no mention with names or any way to identify the patient is even wrong whether it be in an elevator or any other place.

    My infraction:

    In this world we now share our thoughts and beliefs with the online world, Facebook is something that so many people utilize now to stay in touch with friends and family. Unfortunately I made a posting about my experience that day in the healtch care setting. I spoked about how I got to see preocedures and aid in it, how I felt about it, the way I smelt after wards. I wrote all of that unknowingly that I was violating HIPPA because I had not mentioned names, I wasn't speaking about any specific patients it was gross because I had talked about smelling like vagina and onions(the onions coming from my sandwhich really not the patient), I didn't mention where I was working at they were strictly reflections of my experience. The content of it was inappropriately gross but I didnt' feel like there was a violation that I had comitted. In essence it was offensive to some people and it came near the line of violating HIPPA, one of my class mates had reported me to my program coordinator and I am having to write a paper for him citing how I will correct myself and what interventions I plan on doing. My coordinator also told me that there will be a punishment that I will learn later in few days before lecture. He will discuss his interview with me to other people to decide what the punishment will be, I'm scared of being thrown out of the program or worse, delaying or not allowing me to graduate or sit for the NCLEX. I'm scared of not being able to graduate and delaying my time. What could happen to me?
    I surmise that, at least in relative terms, HIPAA will be the least of concerns.

    Why people post some stuff on Facebook used to amaze me, but none of it surprises me anymore. Heck,my niece just posted a picture of herself on there that would definitely embarrass her parents and raise the eybrows of present and future employers.
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    What did you ever hear from your school?
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    In today's world everything you do online is a reflection of your school and/or work. If you have them listed on your profile EVERYTHING you do is now linked to them. Have revealing pics? Fired for morality claus. Talk about going out for drinks with friends and the next morning post about going to work? Someone could assume you came to work impaired because of drinking or lack of sleep. You must be very very very careful of what you post, even if you have your privacy settings on lock down. I've been burned before.
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    Quote from ms.amy03

    Thank you for your response. If I didn't make myself clear, I did have the meeting with him already and he told me at the end of the meeting that there will be a punishment he doens't know what it is but he will let me know in a few days after discussing the matter with other people or maybe the BON.

    I did own up the unprofessional posting, I removed it immediately after my classmate called me and told me that students were talking about me. I didn't realize what I had done and that even the content of what I wrote, regardless if it did not mention patient identification is still a big slap on the hand and it's not right. I got too comfortable with writing and saying whatever was on my mind, realizing my entire world was on display classmates and friends/family. I didn't conduct myself professionally. I also didn't 100% understand the rules and terms of HIPAA and being ethical as a nurse....even though I thought it was ok to share what I wanted without revealing information. I apologized for embarassing myself and the school, and I appreciate the corrections he's working with me. I just want to keep doing what I"m doing and enjoy it still being within limits. People talk too much in this world and they interpret things very differently I should've not been so naive and stupid.

    Thank you thoughfor the support.
    I think the fact that you acknowledge that what you did was not professional and that you are humble and open to discipline speaks highly of your maturity. I hope that your school's administrators take that into account when they decide on your corrective action.
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    Quote from pmabraham
    Good day:

    Facebook may be implementing forced GPS location to its posts; where your geographic location may be included in each post without regard to whether you want such information published.

    In those cases, using FB at work or in school can cause more trouble than any value gained.

    Thank you.
    Creepy. Almost like Spokeo..

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