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Recently I had a patient who had a 24hour caregiver and passed away. Right after, a new patient went in their room... They had a history of falls. Over the holiday a caregiver came in for their room and I said "for this room ?are... Read More

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    This is a good example (especially since no serious harm was done) of why room number is never a valid patient indentifier.

    I agree that there needs to be a set procedure established for checkin for 3rd party caregivers. For example: they check in the front desk for a visitor's badge and they are directed to the correct nurses station. They talk with the nurse (not a rec aide, not someone from dietary, not a CNA--the licensed nurse on that unit). The caregiver states "I am Susan Smith, a caregiver from XYZ agency. I am here for resident Agnes Andrews, birthday June 3, 1921." The caregiver shows proper identification. The nurse walks the caregiver to the correct room.
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